I am still

But I am movement

I feel you crash like a tsunami

Made for me

My pleasure

I feel like one

Here there is life

And peace

And love

And faith

And hope

Transcendent quiet thunders into my soul

Disturbing it

Quaking it

Pounding my blood in my ears

Making me face truth and the essence of life

Of love

Of existence

I am existential

I turn with you

My blood pulses with you

My heart is Hortator

It is nothing without you

And you are nothing without me to scream your praises

To worship you

To own you

To use you

I hold you sacred

And magnify you to all living creatures

Bubbles and Gum

I am toasty

On a cloudy day


I have plenty

In a moderate way


I’m a castle

Made out of sand


I’m an ice-cream cake

In the hot hot sun


I’m a lot things to a lot of people

But we are all seeds waiting for the sun


I’m the best fruit

On top of the pile


I’m a chorus girl

In a stand up line


I’m a lot of things to a lot of people

But we are all seeds waiting for the sun


I’m the lemon in your aid

I’m the plans you never made


I’m the pebble in your shoe

You want to leave me

But i still like glue


Because I’m the bubble in your gum

And the apple of your eye


I want to stay with you forever

Like stars in night sky

Sun Worship

I feel cleansing through my body

Drawing poison from my blood

I feel weak

Oh Sun fill me with energy

Charge me full

I am sapped

Give me strength

I’ll follow you through the day

A worshipper all the way

This empty vessel fill me up!

From this cup

Let me sup


A Whisper

Sent silently




Scared by knowing

Knowing still searching



Holding a broom

Sweeping and shaking the room

Something missing


Laid bare

A cleansing

An awakening

An unshackling

A new shackling

Scared by knowing ……….






Heavenly Beings

The heavens call

The Powers caution me

They whisper directions

And I let them move me

Like a Pawn

I know they wait with baited breath

Screaming at me the right way

While I choose the left

They groan at me

Slapping their foreheads at my mortality and reason

They know better

I age and they remain in their season

They await with excitement

I know their love

For I love them also

I ask them their guidance and wait upon them to move me

I need not struggle

The path is ordained

I need only wait upon it

It is mine to walk as they did before

I only do this


I ask them not to leave me

My mothers

My family

My blood

I am yours and you are are mine

I await your final call

When at last I return to you