The Princess and the Flower

Once upon a time

When things were not as they should

Lived a Princess who thought things were fine and all good

Tucked up in a tower

In her room all day

No colour

No sun

Everything was grey

Nothing to brighten her dark little corner

Nothing to think of anything other

Just gloom and misery, angst  and bother


One day as she sat in her tall dark tower

She peeked out the window and saw a flower

It was wild and lovely

It’s petals all full

It glistened in the meadow

It gleamed in the sun

It looked to be having so much fun


That flower it danced in the breeze all day

It took the Princess’s breath away

She felt her shoulders fall down

Her muscles relax

A little smile turned up her tight mouth


She stared until her eyes were red

They stung her some

And tears were shed

Until the night and the stars were heavenly

The princess bowed her head

She felt so heavy

Those delights though lost by nights dark curtain

Could still be seen by the Princess for certain

Her mind replayed those beautiful gems


And over

And over again

How crisp

How perfect

How lovely they’ed been


The night ran long for the Princess that eve

Pacing and waiting for light to be seen

Upon the horizon

Where the flower had been

Anxious again to see it once more

To give her delight and pleasure for sure


Upon the horizon light was shining

The shadows grew long

Quite swiftly were falling

And in the meadow where the flower was blooming

Three beauties were dancing

In the meadow all gleaming


She called to the gardeners

The maidservants

The guards

“Protect these things

These precious little flowers

Build them a wall

Build them towers

I love them I want them let’s keep them as ours

Together we can live in two seperate towers


The courts they flew into a terrible flurry

The hammers

The anvils called out in a hurry

The Princess wrung her hands and paced by her bed

Loving these flowers really bothered her head

As she watched from lofty angles above

She saw tall walls

And a building take form


At last she thought with a terrible smile

I’ll have them as mine

Whenever I desire


But as the walls continued to tower

The sun was cut

And the rain could not shower

For under such careful guarding and building

The  flowers began to lose all their gleaming

Their lovely buds and petals that bloomed

Turned brown and ugly

And started to stoop


The princess came to visit one day

And proclaimed with such utter dismay

“Who has taken my flowers away?”

Accusing the gardeners

The maids

And the guards

“Who  has planted these weeds and stolen my flowers?

Tell me now

And tell me swift

For I know one amongst you is a thief”


The maids

The gardeners and the guards all quivered

They feared the Princess and the power she wielded

No one knew how to explain things proper

They knew the flowers indeed were rotten

(What do you expect when sun and showers are forgotten)

The Princess threw herself into a fury

She went to the walls in such  hurry



Cursing and foaming

No one had seen such savage performing


The maids held their breath

And the guards flew to arms

The gardeners ran away

Shovel in arms


The Princess took hold of the smithies stuff

She broke the tower

The walls

And the roof

And like a swimmer who takes a deep breath

The sun shone through into the darkened depth

Those wilting flowers as if for a second

Shivered so slightly

As if they’d been awakened

The Princess saw them in a new light

And knew those weeds had been her delight

She looked upon them

A tear in her eye

She turned to the gardeners

The maids

The guards

“Help me” She said

Understanding at last

The maids

The gardeners and all of the guards

Joined in together

As if they were one

Pulling each stone

Undoing what was done

The sun it stuck like to glue to those flowers

They raised up their heads

They drunk in the showers

Their petals flung out

Their colours grew bright

To look upon them was to delight


The Princess declared a brand new law

“Let all that is hidden, shine as before.

Be careful not to interfere when things are growing

Let them be, wherever they are blooming.”






via Daily Prompt: Faceless



                         meaningless                                                                                        no importance


doesn’t matter

                                                                                                                              outside        no place

solitary                                 soundless




                                                                                                                            walking through you




Stepping lightly

Right behind me


And blind siding

I place my feet upon the pavement



Echoing proudly

Through out the firmament

People turning

Hear me coming

They know my footsteps upon the pavement


And waving at me

They know not who comes behind me

The lights are bright

I glory in it

I glint a’golden

I keep on waving

Shadows looming

Right behind me

I do not see who walks beside me

















War raps impatiently at the gate



“Give me more!”


They gift bombs and rockets and jets

Scattering sheep


They desire yours for themselves

Aggressive and tactical

They threaten to bury you


They tell you

“You are trouble!!”


As THEIR tanks sit by YOUR land

Scaring the lambs


But you know your country


You know the ground

Every hill

And every sound


This is your country


Though armies and tanks come

You will not run


Aloft in tall towers

You watch them come


Nothing need be done

The throne is guarded


But the gates are down..


The knights are ready

The armies sound


You nod to the sentry

A single knight leaves the entry


Riding to the front



Humility and strength his only arms


The rifles are cocked and the tanks in place

Every gun aimed at one solitary space


“I challenge your leader”

He quietly asserts


Gun fire fills the air

Smoke insults and threats beware


The knight sits aloft his stable steed


Not a graze

Not a bullet

Not a hole in a sleeve


He waits


Silence creeps

Tension peaks


“I challenge your Leader”

He quietly asserts



Not a peep


A smile turns the corner of his lip


He knows it is bluff

Kids stuff


No further words are said


He turns his back to the enemy



Lopes back to the entry


This is his country

He knows the ground

Every hill

Every sound



‘Don’’t let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.’