The Captain

When the hot wind blows at the sails

And the ocean is restless

The current is dragging you to the South

While the wind is blowing you to the North

The stars are dimmed by clouds

And the compass spins in circles

The ship rocks

Port to Starboard and

Aft to Stern

Throw the anchor overboard

A second if you must

Wait for calmer waters

Climb the rigging and seek out land

Look for signs of life

And beware the albatross that brings false news and false hopes

Go below and wait it out

Gather your strength and grit

Stay put

As sirens call you to sure death

Block up your ears

And look to the horizon

Steady yourself Sir

The storm is never lasting

Land shall be sighted

Carry hopes and and trinkets of loved ones

Think upon good things and dreams

Send up prayers

And light the incense

Remember who Captains the ship

Tie up the sails

Throw out the anchor

Steady yourself against the tide and the hot wind

You are the captain

Weed out the Mutineers

And hang them by their own noose

Let the sailors know

The Captain is at the helm

The Charge and Director of His ship

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