The Ships of Newcastle

Behemoth enters the narrow channel

Slow and heavily pregnant with riches and great treasures

It announces itself to all the residents of the Sea side

Tug boats greet it like puppies greeting mother

Dredgers sweep before it like dancers in a parade making the way clear

Eager merchants stand with hungry eyes ready to devour it like ants upon a carcass

Standing in port tapping shoes and wiping sweaty anxious hands down trousers

They await docking worrying for their investments

Wealth drives them

Creating industry

Affluence is built upon them


Unloaded the Behemoth light as the sea air

Leaps back to the large ocean

Set free to to fly upon the waves

Smiling to itself

It knows it is made for vast spaces and long journeys

Wildness is its spirit

But a tame beast of burden it also gently protects its masters and care givers

Swaddling them inside its deep caverns holding them to it’s warm engines

A mother hen

A ferocious bear

A gliding eagle






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