The Forgotten

A Master

A Hand

A Talent

A Dollar

A Path

A Dream

A Cottage by a stream

A Fire

A Kettle

A Hearth

A Home

A Place well known

A Rock

A Measure

A Portion

A Slice of bread

A Hunger unfed

A little bit

A little late

A baulking at the gate

A shot in the dark



A Grave

A robbing

A deep throbbing

An Empty hand

Nothing left to make stand

A White Flag

A Hoard

A Valley

A flooding

Open arms welcome a home coming

A giving in

A new resolve

A puzzle solved

A planting of feet

Walking firmly up the street

A Door

A Window

A Path

A Gate

It’s never too late

A Flower

A Garden

A Kettle

A Hearth

A Home

A place well known.

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