I strain to hear it

Humming faint as my own heart beat



Calling me

Like a smitten sailor to sirens and the vicious rocks

Gnashing at me with vicious teeth

I hold out my hand to it

I know the risk

I reach for it anyway

Desire to tame it

Out weighing the dangers

Let me tame you fierce monster from the depths

With all the rocks the wind the dangers and the risks

Let me lay my hand upon your head

Calm the fires from your belly

Be the dragon that stays itself

Be powerful and larger than life

Hold your strength with dignity and ferocity

People know not to stand against you

I look you in the eye

The gnashing ceases

The sirens song is silenced

Finally we stand as one


Eye to eye

The vibrations and hum

Filling our bodies

Now, I can caress your face

I hold it in my two hands

I kiss your cheek


Friends at last.

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