The Host’s

Let me raise my glass to you!

The Victor!

We honour you tonight

You have proven yourself worthy

You have stepped into and stepped up

Let us toast to you and celebrate your great achievements

Bring the wine and let’s be merry

Look around at us who smile alongside you. We are all joyful for you this eve.

We stand by your side in the knowledge of your contributions to us and to yourself

All are able to join in on your abundance

For your joy is our joy

We stand as friends in union with you and your happiness

We are for you!

For you stand for good

And goodnesss has been granted

Your creations are great and they are also beautiful

We applaud the wonder of the body of your work

So build upon your love

Build upon your happiness

Hold firmly to your visions and your dreams and be everything that your freedom grants you

We encourage the giving into it with total abandon

You are what you have always wished to be

You are being given what you have always desired

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