The Second Judgment

To those who have inflicted the vulnerable and the innocent with many pains

The second judgement is upon you

For still, you do not listen

The sorrow of those who followed you into heartache and suffering because they knew no better and you tended to the vulnerable with hate, dishonor and disrespect,

You shall be expelled from them forever

There is garbage and refuse that surround you

It’s stench offends us

There is no incense of perfume that can cover your putrid acts

The hearts that you have laid bare with the intent to destroy and mock

Shall be raised up and glorified for their integrity, their truth and their innocence

But the wound that you inflicted we shall heal

But it shall never close over again

The world will honor the grief and the suffering of those unmistakable wounds

For you have sealed your name upon them

Your lust for power and recognition shall be granted

As the perpetrator of the wounded

And the survivors of your conniving schemes and false care, shall thank you for releasing them to the knowledge of their worth and their value and they shall now have sight

For they have learnt the value of the heart

They have learnt what love is not

They have learnt what goodness is not

They can now discern between lies and truth

For if it were not for your evil deeds

Mankind would never discern the difference between what is good and what is evil

The wounded shall feast from a plentiful harvest

But you shall never be able to discern between good and evil because although you enjoy good fruits, you despise its appearance

You shall also have a harvest, but it shall be a harvest of famine

The Universe bestows upon you the evil fruit that you so desperately pluck

And the wounded can now harvest from the tree with the knowledge of which fruit is good and which fruit is rot

You have handed them the keys to the Universe and all the power that it contains, that you have so desperately craved

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