The Victim of the Narcissist-The voice within.

Maybe not all of these are how you feel, maybe not yet, maybe you already feel all of them. Narcissistic abuse is real. Love does not ask you to give anything of your authentic self up. It encourages you to be greater and better, it doesn’t fear you. It doesn’t fear your happiness or your freedom, success or beauty. It is happy for your happiness. The scary thing about this type of abuse, is that one minute you can feel on top of the world and the next, you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. Gaslighting is real. Beware others doubting you and your abilities or your desires. Be careful to appreciate who you are as an individual. Doubt is dangerous. The trick to climbing out of these relationships, is to listen to your inner voice. Beware of the shame and the guilt, that could be lavished upon you by the Perp. Crocodile tears and constantly displaying themselves as the victim, never truly apologising, never actually accepting responsibility.

Don’t argue, Don’t waste your energy, just seek help from professionals. Often if you have one serious narcissist, it’s likely you could have a few around you. If you feel you should leave, or you feel like things are unjust…then they probably are. Don’t doubt yourself or your intuition.

You matter

Your feelings matter

You Deserve Love and happiness and peace

You are enough

You are worthy.

Abuse checklist link below

I give you myself

I give myself up for you to be your greatest self

I give up my power- tell me what I should be and what I should do

Forgive me for selfishly caring for myself, I shall care for you and you alone

I remove all of myself and replace it with you

I give up my success for you

I give up my talents

I give up my luck

I lay myself upon the alter so you can sacrifice me

So you can feel love

So you can feel power

So you can feel success

I shall be naked so you don’t have to feel your shame or your guilt

I bow before you

I exalt you to the highest of power and adorn you with gold and crowns and precious jewels

I reduce myself so that you remain exalted because you deserve it and I do not

I am hungry for the crumbs you sweep from your table as you tell me how generous you are. Thank you for honouring me by allowing me to serve, I am not deserving

I hope to prove myself worthy of you one day, I am sure it will all be worth it in the end, this is an investment after all

I bow my head whilst crowning yours

Careful not to make any mistake nor look you in the eye the wrong way

Your eye’s I see as beautiful, but the fire they hold…

Lightening flashes behind them

I’ve learnt not to test nor to even ask or speak any wrong words

I’ll appease you so I don’t burn

You exhale smoke at all my many inadequacies

Little sighs no one else notices

Little glances only I know what they mean

My heart quickens each time

I search for small windows that I might see the light

But they are boarded up

The doors are locked

The money is gone

I must beg for the air I breath and the sustenance I need.

The Present

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