Understanding Power

Power stands in solidarity with Truth

Power does not require the taking of anything from any other source

The individual who stands alone

In authenticity and fearlessness of it’s own self

In joy of it’s own self

In understanding of it’s boundaries, are indeed, the most powerful

Power refuses what does not serve authenticity

It identifies easily what is not authentic

It takes action towards authenticity-not allowing anything to stand in it’s way

Power and bullying are often confused

The bully steals, manipulates and lies to achieve it’s outcomes. It always requires a second party to take from, to attain what they desire.

A bully suffers from the fear of lack. When they see someone who has abundance, it triggers that fear of lack from within them.

It triggers a response that desires to take from another what they feel they lack.

The fear of lack triggers many dark responses from within us.

Procrastination, addiction, jealousy, envy, spite, revenge, manipulation, competition.

Any of these responses within us will lead to theft.

True power, requires no other source to satisfy itself

Power attached to authenticity easily pushes away the bully

The authentic self, harnesses it’s own resources from within.

It understands what it can do

It understands and joyfully accepts responsibility for it’s own actions

It runs towards success with joy

Cheering itself on and celebrating every win on it’s own without the need for any external affirmation

It celebrates and encourages others as they succeed because it is full and satisfied with it’s own success

Empowerment friends, is knowing that the self is enough.

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