The Hidden

The lessons began long ago

The setting of beliefs into concrete shackles

Some were set around her heart

Some were around her feet

Some were around her hands

Little pins were stuck into her tongue, causing great pain if she dared speak

Despite these obstructions

The Little Girl attended her work and the tasks she was set by her Captors

She was diligent with good and pure intent and desire to please.

She did her best despite her many limitations and her many bonds

In fact, she took even greater care than she would have otherwise.

The animals loved her in return.

They seemed to know her pure heart

The Captors who had enslaved her, checked the little girls concrete restraints regularly, they understood clearly, what an asset she was.

Working with the shackles was tedious, painful and difficult for the Little Girl

But she never showed that it was. Instead she hummed to herself and to those around her.

She was always gentle and soft, silent and sweet.

The Captors secretly appreciated their asset but would never admit it

The Little Girl did not fight or defend herself.

She did not have the strength and therefore could not.

She did not know any better anyway.

Over time, the Captors grew lazy.

They relied upon the heavy concrete shackles that were already in place, they felt confident that they were secure.

But beneath the shackles, the Little Girl was growing strong and powerful.

For the those concrete shackles that restrained, and were heavy burdens to carry, were getting lighter and lighter as she grew and grew.

But neither the Little girl nor her captors noticed the hidden power that was growing, right beneath their noses.

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