Denial- I wonder about the nature of this word

I wonder how I don’t even consider it in the most obvious of moments

I wonder how I come to think about myself

How I choose to shape my life

Decision’s seem far from my control,

Because they are.

My beliefs are not reflections of my true self.

They mask the true self

Creating stress





I fear the very things that my beliefs produce


I long for assurance

I seek contentment

And I’ve often wondered at my own crazy actions and decisions

I am stunned by my own beliefs

How I developed them

They become indiscriminate in their application- no matter of their original context….that is lost.

I have been journeying down this path of enquiry

The more I discover the deeper I am desperate to dig

I have been fiercely weeding out and discovering my beliefs and the things that have driven me for so long.

They have been fearsome revelations



But the excitement for the road upwards has been a great motivator

The weeding of these beliefs  have become the removing of all types of angst

Bringing satisfaction



I know who I am

I can see where the line is and I walk it with ease

The spinning has stopped

I love this

It is peace and comfort






Finally I own myself.



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