Last eve

I looked upon the city gates

The roof tops glowing with the last rays of the Sun

A horn blew nearby

Calling the people

It said

“Stay in your house, while the guards are away”

I stood at those gates

“Girly best you be off”

Said a gruff and stiff voice

“There is no telling what happens when darkness descends.”

I paused, not keen to listen too swiftly

I wanted to know

What lay beyond the ramparts and stone

Clicking and creaking of chains and wood

Drawing in the bridge

Water cascading from chains

The watchman called to the streets

“All is sound”

For a moment

Quiet was found

Fires lit and kettles filled

The smell of meat and bread

Warm  fires and soups

Stories of the day in fields

Airing of troubles

Planning and mirth and drink

Satisfaction is theirs

Readying the day for more toil than worth

Rest coming swiftly as lights ever dimmed

I looked upon them

Condescension rising in me

Is this all?

I stand firm before the risen bridge

My destiny lying behind it

Come the morn!

I said

“I shall be to the people a shadow of a person that once existed.”

Now, I stand at the gates as they descend

Green hills unveil themselves slowly

The sun glimmers on distant lakes


I am to live.

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