The Dream

Last night I felt myself smile…..

I was dreaming

The first dream

I saw someone I had had my hopes in, from the past.

He was someone I once desired

I had dreamed of him in the past

I was sitting by the road with my back to him

I felt him drive past me

I felt him staring intently at me

But I paid him no attention

Then as dreams go

I heard him arrive home, I packed up my things (feeling immediately fatigued) and took myself to bed

I sat up in bed watching media

My eye’s could not stay open

I could hear the media’s voice talking incessantly and loudly

I couldn’t wake enough to turn it off

Then I felt a slight tickle on my arm

I saw a giant bullant race down my arm

I heard a knock on my door and his face peaked in the door

I heard his voice asking me if I was awake

I could barely nod

My eyes couldn’t open, they were so heavy and I was desperate to sleep

But I felt the tickle of the bull-ant running through my bed sheets

I swiped it off, trying to kill it, fearful of it’s bite

I felt him sit beside me on the bed

Gently trying to wake me

I knew his desires to seduce

But the bull ant….

and I could not open my eyes

He left knowing it was no use

I felt a heavy book in my hands

I smashed the bull ant with it

I could not see its dead body, but it never moved again.

I felt relief.

 I was finally able to rest.

Then in the second

I dreamt I was driving on a safari


In a large open aired jeep

I drove through a shallow river bed

The motor became flooded and the vehicle became stuck in the mud

The river started to rise and water started to pour through the doors

The river bank was not far from the jeep

So I readied myself to jump to it

As I stood on the hood of the jeep about to jump

10 green alligators and crocodiles came slithering in to lie in wait

They were watching my every move.

Quietness underlying the readiness of their tightly wound bodies.

They had seen the trap immediately and did not hesitate.

Suddenly, I felt a huge jarring jolt.

The vehicle felt as if it had been hit by another car from behind

I fell backwards onto the vehicle.

I turned and felt my heart leap from my chest.

I felt my face crumpled as I sobbed with relief and gratitude

Out of the river and the mud

My saviour had risen

She was a giant!

Larger than the jeep

Her presence required no fanfare

Her confidence absolute and resolute.

The Queen of the River…. a Hippopotamus

She humbly and with barely an effort, pushed the jeep up onto the dry ground of the river edge.

The alligators and crocodiles could only scatter or be crushed

This Monarch stood for no nonsense

Her mere presence scattered the cold blooded

She attended her duties without fuss

I loved her

And I felt her love

As she pushed me to life, I felt her determination, her strength and her power

I stared at her as she returned to the river

Almost hidden but ever watchful

Gratitude and the knowledge that I was safe

Sank deeply into my being

I wanted to wait there a moment longer

But I knew that this was just the beginning.

I felt myself smile…..but not in my dream.

This was the sign.

I was not alone

I was loved

I was safe.

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