A Royal Love Affair

The Empress sits upon her thrown

The Emperor sits proudly at her side

Confidence firmly established

They wait upon no one

Not even each other

For they worship each other as equals

Offering themselves to no one else

Neither is enslaved

Neither is in fear

She whispers wisdom in his ear

As he judges everyone and everything

She understands the vision

She helped him to see it in the first place

Her reign is equal in its power

Her power is equal in it’s execution

A weaker man she would never sit beside

And a weaker woman he would never crown

He sought her out carefully

Amongst the many offers

Upon his decision

He boldly announces his bride



He knew what he was securing to himself




The foundations from which they built satisfaction, reverence and joy from their subjects

Bowing to no-one but each other and only in the truest of respect

Through their unity, mighty works are achieved

Wars are won

Troubles are vanquished

Judgements are fair and true

Trusted throughout the kingdom

But reigning the fiercest between each other

Their confidence in each other is regularly satisfied

This is how they express their love for each

Their care

And their deep affection

Their bodies unified

As are their souls

The Emperor upholding his Empress

And The Empress upholding her Emperor

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