Lurking like thieves

Ready to ambush the best of every occasion

Stealing youth

Their very name carries ill repute

The world determined to straighten them out………. (What ever that means)


They enter unwelcome

Objectively etching themselves upon us

Making us who we are

Telling us where we’ve been

They ‘ruin’ our clothes

Out Earth

Our growth




(The impossible notion)

The Deceiver

The vehicle that carries unhappiness, despair, defeat.

Wrinkles are the scapegoat for perfectionism

Perfectionism cries like Chicken Little

And the boy who cried wolf

An exaggerated enemy

A propagated slander of all that is natural


Wrinkles act as diaries of our youth

As evidence of living

A voice of truth


Lets welcome them as honoured guests

For to fight them is to be defeated



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