Stand Out

I wait


 I wait


As the plain

 The simple

The skilled

 The talented

Parade before me

 Masquerading themselves

 Craving attention

I stand as one within the crowd

While they wave and cheer

No one stops.

I wonder as they all leer and encourage themselves

Repulsion tightens the throat


Who can stand it?


Bring forth a  Knight on a stable steed of Wonder

With a sword of Truth

And a helmet of Courage


Show him to me


And I will follow him anywhere.


5 thoughts on “Stand Out

  1. Beautifully crafted
    Unlike most
    Rare as an eclipse
    Infections dream! of such a host
    Though infections of many dare to try
    This woman of greatness and power does not bat an eye
    A moment with her you begin to feel weak
    She’ll have you smiling from cheek to cheek
    An opportunity given and yet lost
    A million dollars
    A lifetime
    Will never cover that cost.
    KP x


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