The Light

Inspired by Maya Angelou

It’s with gratitude that I see me now

I can paint the stars

I can write the not so poisonous truth

I can speak me…not so simply

But oh so correctly.

I see her risen



A shining star


“yeeeehhhhs” I breath out with admiration and relief

She spoke fearlessly!

Contempt only for those who speak against her happiness

Her essence

Contempt but light hearted… it is in the spirit of, ‘They are, oh so wrong about me”

It is strength and confidence

And deep, deep knowing

Knowing who one is

Speaking without doubt

Shadows followed her everywhere….it did not matter

She could not be stopped

And those that tried

In the end were shattered by her light


History would bring them to shame, it always does

As does anyone who represses the light.

Her lesson brought me to tears

My history shall be my internal shame

Because I have been silent for too long

The shadows I let overgrow

I know that today

Silence shall not remain

The shadows shall be stripped for they must run….

They must always run!

For the light has no shadow.

So light I shall be.

Thank you, Maya Angelou

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