I have channelled this and the message is here for a reason, and if it has drawn you to it, then yes it is for you. I am not a counsellor, psychologist, or professional who can help you in the 3D existence- please get into contact with them if you are really struggling, depressed, or are having Mental Health issues, please do not read ahead unless you know you are ready, supported and able to confront your painful past.

However, please know that this has been written in order to trigger you, in order to heal a specific wound, likely related to your child hood and your family life and your family history.

Please seek counselling if you need it. Find support and know that I love you. The Divine loves you and You can overcome. But it is a profound pain as you do it…. Don’t give up, there is so much for you that is coming.

My absolute hope and desire is that you heal and you discover who you really are and what true love is. Neither can exist without the other. Discovering the Authentic Self must come first and Love on every level can then arrive.

Think of it as the carrot before the horse, love is is your juicy motivation and reward, for doing the painful hard work to overcome trauma and the loss of your true identity.

All my love to you and don’t ever give up on you x Krista

But first for recognition of the present….

The Theft

There is removal of light

And there is a subtle suppression of the truth

The deliberate gaslighting is coming in from every angle

When friends throw you boulders but tell you they are buoys

And family blame you and critize you for nearly drowning, they label you as irresponsible and reckless

When people say they love you…and they do!…. but only to possess you. They are those who desire to practice necromancy, because of their envy of you and their desire to hide you in the closet so they can take you out occasionally, only to wear you like a new suit.

They love to empty you out and fill you up with their own concoctions whilst stealing your creations and persona. They will whisper love… but it is spoon fed and corrupted, they will swear by the sun and the moon that it is real.

The Changing and the Choice

The child is born exact


Until they are corrupted.

Initially pure in their intent

In their needs

In their desires and their feelings

They exist in truth

But they are also beacons and mirrors who speak truth and reflect their carers truth back to them.

Their senses are the highest at the earliest of their beginnings

They feel truth and have deep knowings

They are truth speakers to their carers if their carers will only listen

This is when the carers can heal their wounds from the thefts that occurred at their own beginnings

This is the time of testing and a short chance and small window for adults to adjust and make changes.

Children begin as healers to those that birthed them

Feeling, learning, teaching, mirroring.

Some carers astutely listen to them and hear their cries with profound understanding

They are following Spirit and are open to their true path.

They adjust and stretch and learn

Deeper blessings are theirs!

Each child carries a pearl of wisdom that they alone can bring to the Earth

They carry blessings for every soul born to this world and any world beyond

But some carers struggle with the pain that is injected suddenly into their midst by their children

And the desperation to remove pain that is injected through truth and innocence, is subtly and strategically imbued.

Some carers become thieves, just like their carers before them.

And the toxic cycle is perpetuated

Opportunity for healing and growth is lost

Children become the means to flatter their own egos and comfort their own delicate pride and their own needs that have been lacking.

The warnings are clear at the beginning of new life

Beware should you try and fill yourself with anything other than the truth of who you really are and the truth of your purpose!

Beware! The Spirits cry through the voice of innocence

It is always, always through the innocent ones that Spirit speaks




There are a multitude of voices calling all of us to listen

Carers and parents, what opportunity!

Greater love

Greater understanding

Greater blessing for the entire universe.

Do not fear growth and change.

It is the what you have been called to do

Be open to this painful but rewarding experience

Love abundantly waits for you.

Joy beyond imagining.

Peace beyond all understanding.

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