Loaded up on ego and blame

I am the fuel of this burning flame

Riding the waves of anger and fear

I made you the scapegoat

Of each facet of pain

Blindly raging with fear and confusion

I was the actress

Playing it dutifully

Committed to ‘Method’

Filling up on it

I forced you to play the Villain and Cad

I saw no harm in it

Never admitting

or Considered

The Karmic factions

I tipped the scales and tipped you with it

The Earth screamed it’s warnings

To balance it carefully

So now it’s forcing my hand by harsh but firm measure

All are connected

We are being delivered into it

Calling us back

And pulling us with it

Mother Earth

Predestined us in it

Calls us back to Earth and to Spirit

Until finally we see

Our hands are deep in it

I am responsible

Returning to learning

To owning

To caring

I am responsible


And through with it.

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