The Greatest Love

Nothing can alter






When I get the chance……which will still bring with it it’s own challenges

But with Devine intervention and guidance from Spirit

We will overcome

And no matter how long

Or what happens

I cannot remove myself

No matter how hard I have tried

(and believe me…I have tried)

My paining heart

Is never NEVER

Without love

Abundant love and desire for you

I am working tirelessly

And although occasionally

I fall to my knees because I am weakened

By deviousness that I do not foresee

I ALWAYS climb to my feet

The Empress…yes indeed

Has never given in

And shall never give up

The work feels continuous and laborious

But hear me now you who cast evil plots, incantations and spells


I will win against you

And if you are drawn to read this

Evil schemers


My dearest Love

I shall pray without ceasing for you

I shall pray for you to heal form your envy

I pray for you to heal form your rage

I pray for you to heal from your fears

…and my Love

My heart is yours

It was from the beginning

It always will be

I am working tirelessly


I love you and everything that you are.

Nothing is forgotten.

The Great Judgement

For the Innocent, who are near ready to give up. Do not give up. I have hope for you. Do not despair although I know you must grieve. Let me encourage you to feel hope and imagine yourself happy, loved, peaceful and abundant. That is how it starts. Dream it into being then work on believing it, remove anything that stops you from believing it. Have hope my loves. Good things are for you to.

Spirit speaks to those who know….

“Take care, time is nearly upon you”

“The deeds done in secret with intent to harm have come to us like stench from rot and garbage.”

“To those who call yourselves Friends, Mothers Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, who proclaim love, but in secret, procure evil spirits and release them upon the innocent because of jealousy, envy and hate.”

“The time is coming.”

“The scales are balancing and the deeds of malice, corruptness and ego are to being brought to light.”

“And even though you try and hide from the light, there shall be nowhere for you to hide your shame.”

“The innocent are being released to receive blessing and compassion, where you showed them none, they shall receive ten fold, what you stole from them. Nothing is done in darkness that is not seen. Even the darkness of your heart.”

“You will cry out in repentance, but nothing shall be dropped from your charges, because it is too late, and your repentance has not come willingly, but only through force. This is how you are to learn. Be warned that this is the end of darkness for those who have received injustice.”

“For though you repent, there shall be no reward, though there is forgiveness, there shall be no recompense, because you have had your inheritance before it was due, through theft.”

“For though you work, no abundance shall grow.”

“For though you change your heart to love, no love shall be returned to you.”

“For though you are forever changed to kindness and compassion, no kindness or compassion shall be showed to you.”

“And you shall accept this as your lot, in the knowledge of your deeds and your evil desires upon the innocent, until your debt has been paid.”

“The time has come upon you.”

“To reap the abundance of what you have sown.”

“Beg for mercy from the innocent ones, as they are the only ones who can relieve you of you impending judgement. As they stand in their power with kindness and compassion, because they have proven themselves worthy of it, and they are able to judge hearts fairly because of the hardships you presented them. Ask them for a relief from your judgement. For the heavens have already spoken.”

The Host’s

Let me raise my glass to you!

The Victor!

We honour you tonight

You have proven yourself worthy

You have stepped into and stepped up

Let us toast to you and celebrate your great achievements

Bring the wine and let’s be merry

Look around at us who smile alongside you. We are all joyful for you this eve.

We stand by your side in the knowledge of your contributions to us and to yourself

All are able to join in on your abundance

For your joy is our joy

We stand as friends in union with you and your happiness

We are for you!

For you stand for good

And goodnesss has been granted

Your creations are great and they are also beautiful

We applaud the wonder of the body of your work

So build upon your love

Build upon your happiness

Hold firmly to your visions and your dreams and be everything that your freedom grants you

We encourage the giving into it with total abandon

You are what you have always wished to be

You are being given what you have always desired

The Vision, The House

The house is rammed earth

It has has large tinted windows

The colours are earth, sand and charcoal coloured steel and natural wood

The colours produce a sense of calm and connection to the Earth.

The house honours the Earth and leaves no scars upon it

There are two wings to the house

There are six bedrooms

Four bedrooms for the children

A long wing with a single bathroom lies between them

Friends come to stay regularly

And the abandoned children also find rest, hope, and stability, even if it’s for a short time

Patience, generosity and love are taught, sleep and rest is finally found for them there

The children’s wing is joined to a large lounge and formal dinning area

This is where Christmas and celebrations are held

A place where the fire crackles and slumber parties, movie nights and forts from pillows and sheets are made. Creative play and expression are made in this space. Sometimes it can be used for quiet introspection, looking out the windows in the mornings with coffee and quiet cuddles by the little early risers.

The second wing holds the adult guest room, the kitchen, laundry and informal dinning space, where most of the time is spent. It is the hub. The master suite is off to the side of this

The kitchen is made for events, and the pantries are full of health, and quality, jams, preserves of all kinds produced from the large gardens on the grounds.

The kitchen is a place of bonding and working together. Children spend time next to Mother and Father, learning to cook, and spending time together, there is room for everyone there, Mother and Father steal sneaky kisses there. Another place of creativity and warmth. Each space in this house, holds purpose and is made to encourage unity, creativity, fun and warmth.

The grounds of the house are set gently into the landscape, the smell of the sea is not too far. Pets are always near, and the wounded animals also find healing here. They come and are taught that love does exist and trust restored. The abandoned children and the wounded animals find themselves again here.

This house is where friends come. It is the place of unity, celebration, and joy. There is no question to anyone that this is the place to meet.

Large dinner parties with children running in the garden and playing in the pool, helping in Mothers garden, smelling the earth and collecting eggs and garden produce. Cooking, loving, playing.

A Manifestation Prayer ….For Me

.…..and you also wink wink

I learned that I had to pray for myself today. I’ve never actually done that…..So this is what I’ve decided to pray for…..because I matter too

I pray for myself as a request with pure intention and desire to receive good things for myself and therefore also, in extension to others.

Divine Creator and all who exist in the Spiritual realm, who watch over me with love and care for my highest good and well being.

I pray for the increase of my happiness

I pray for the increase of my creativity

I pray for the increase of my joy

I pray for peace within myself and all that surrounds me

I pray for financial security and abundance for myself

I pray for my physical and mental health, to feel well, to feel strong and to feel energised and focused.

I pray for my empowerment, to confidently take action towards my goals, my well being and my own success and happiness, in the knowledge that I am worthy and deserving of every blessing that is available.

I pray for a circle of friends that are loving, genuine, generous, honest, caring, kind and supportive of my individuality, I welcome them into my heart and my home.

I pray for a true love, a soul mate connection to share this life’s journey with. I pray that it is a positive loving connection with a partner who values loyalty. Who is loving, lusty, sexy and generous towards me and also towards themselves. A partner who values honesty and truth. Who craves the genuine from within themselves . Happiness , playfulness, joy, laughter, love and peace is a co-creative activity between us. I pray for a union with a soulmate who has good intention for themselves, their own growth and their own happiness, but also has commitment to the growth of us as a divine union and as a soul family unit.

I pray for protection for myself from falseness, despair, hopelessness, depression, and anything that blocks me from feeling positive, creative, motivated and happy.

I pray for all people, spirits and energies or places that cause me pain, disturbance, blocks or trouble, that they are either removed from me or that I am removed from these people, energies, spirits or places.

Thank you for what you are teaching me in hardship and the good times.

I love you and I accept that you love me and I ask that you open my heart to receive the blessings you desire for me.

Thank you.

Drought Part 2

Poured out unto the alter

The last drop

Offered to the gods

Nothing is left to even to wet her lips

Blackened pleading eyes seeking the skies for answers

Desperately looking for signs of appeasment


Empty bleeding palms raised with the sun

Bowing her head

There was nothing left


Stripping herself naked

She stood before the alter

Laying her own body upon it

Holding the sacrificial dagger between her breasts

With one last breath she held it above herself

Ready to thrust it between them

She screamed with all her angst and her fury, her last cry

With shaking hands she plunged the dagger ferociously pricking her skin, releasing a single drop of anaemic blood

But that is all that was shed

For although her hands trembled with all of her strength, desperately pulling the dagger towards her pulsating heart

She could not make the dagger act in the manner it was designed

She opened her eyes vexed

Immediately she was drawn to a single hand that held a death grip upon the blade

It was a mighty grip

Yet not a drop of blood escaped from the clutches of the hand

She could see the softness of the skin

It appeared to be supple and warm just like her own, yet it was impenetrable

She had sharpened the blade herself

She new it was razor sharp

A voice warm, deep and succulent spoke

“Daughter you have been heard, arise, dress and walk beside me.”



She arose

Dressed, she looked upon the man standing before her

Adorned in a simple robe

He glowed softly, yet brilliantly

She could not speak

As she took her place beside him

“My child” he said

“I have waited for you a long time, I have watched you work with diligence. You have been careful to manage the land, the crops and the fields. I have been waiting to bless you, why have you been waiting so long?”

She could not hide the confusion and the hurt upon her soiled face

“I have given you everything.” she croaked, barely able to utter a sound from her parched throat

“Have you?” he asked

She looked upon the wretched ground that she had worshipped

She thought upon all the sacrifices she had made for it.

The sacrifices she had made of herself, for everything in it

How she had cared for the land and of how much it had cost her. What more could she have given?

He looked at her, knowingly, with compassion for he saw her love but also her error

Waiting for the answer to dawn upon her.

She looked to the dry earth

The wizened trees and the dust that blew effortlessly in the hot air.

I have given everything I had, she thought to herself, yet nothing has grown, I have sown riches into dust, and dust is all that I have grown.

“But you did not give me you.” he said quietly, lifting her chin tenderly with his hand.

Looking deep into her eyes

Her hands fell limply to her sides

Her shoulders fell

She felt hot tears ooze like lava down her dry face, as she felt despair and confusion

“Are you ready now daughter?” the man asked her.

“yes” she wept (even though she still felt confusion and a little unsure about what he meant…. she wondered why he was asking her to give her all ……….when ‘all’ was exactly what she had given!)

And so she wept tears of confusion but also surrender to whatever was to come.

Her tears dropped to the dust on the ground

They fell like diamonds that planted themselves at her feet…..

……a small green tendril arose from each drop that landed, she didn’t notice, because she could not see clearly through her cascading tears.

The man looked at her again, and with his deep honeyed voice said,

“Daughter you must give yourself freely, so that blessings can freely grow, Daughter you bless the ground with your tears, because they are you, and you shall be a part of the growth around you.”

“Daughter… it is worthless to sacrifice yourself. For your very being is the key to abundance and expansion. Sacrificing yourself is to sacrifice the growth of the Universe. You must do more than merely survive. You must thrive and nourish yourself. You must be the greatest and most fullest expression of yourself. For as you do so, everything around you also does the same. As you are fed, then you shall also feed others. Do you understand yet daughter? Be the fullest most radiant you. In this way, every soul shall be blessed through you. This is how you love others. Daughter you must love yourself as much as you love others”

“This is what it is, to give yourself to others.”

His words hit their mark, like the dagger she had held…..sharper, more painful.

She collapsed, her body wracking with sobs of grief, sorrow from her error, she let herself flow to the ground, her truth, her shame, her disappointment, confusion, love and remorse.

But it did not take long before she started to feel lighter. Relief slowly wrapped around her, warming her body. Strength slowly returned, as she lay down on a small patch of vibrant green grass that had sneakily appeared at her feet

Upon it she rested as she felt restoration envelope her.

She observed the wisdom she had always known from a different perspective now.

She saw the green growth and a little smile of wonder began to turn her mouth

The magic of the universe was revealing itself

For now, she rested, but her plans and her power began to expand……

Just as the green grass beneath her slowly began to expand around her.

She did not notice that the glowing man had vanished

As her mind began to run in excitement thinking about the possibilities.

The Gate

She stood on the hill

At the head of the path, by the gate

It trailed to the valley

The city

And to life

Kissing his cheek at first light

Breathing him in

Holding him tight

Then releasing

She leaned heavily against it’s simple wooden posts

Determined not to let him see her wilt or crumble

The house behind her seemed to watch also

As a silent loyal guardian

It too had nurtured him… had nurtured many….

She watched the man walk down the path leading to his future

As she held back the scream with a small blue handkerchief over her trembling mouth that longed to release a scream or a plea or a moan of fear of desperation of grief.

Fear for the young man, tested and taunted her

But she held space for him

Trying to block back the violent visions that kept appearing in her minds eye,

Choosing instead to trust the man before her

Knowing that the visions of the vulnerable child she so desperately clung to, were only memories.

He turned and waved to her smiling

Youth and excitement emanating from him

He had not allowed his eagerness to forget her.

He watched as she immediately stood and blew him kisses wildly

Waving her handkerchief furiously, as they also wiped abundant tears of sadness, longing, fear ….grief.

He knew she needed this

And he felt her gratitude and love from where he stood

Satisfaction gilding his ripe determination

Moving forward (as he should)

Down the winding path

To the City

His future

And opportunity

In the knowledge

He was loved.

The Waterfall- For Shae, looking for art…was it false advertising?? A Note from Krista.

This painting is a little crumpled…but perhaps that represents how I felt at the time…

I painted this at a local community art class.

I’ve always struggled being in any kind of classroom setting.

I’m only just learning about why that is…

I am an Empath…a strong one. I feel so many things when I walk into a room.

The teacher and I set out a plan for the evening, and I set about doing it, determined to really try this time.

The only problem with that….. was!

I am also intuitive…this I only vaguely new at the time.

I had decided to sit and try and do a serious piece of work to learn properly (lol).

I’ve always struggled with this, I thought it was because there was something wrong with me, sabotage, trauma, PTSD, ADHD, low self esteem etc…Ive come up with many many suggestions to myself as to why I couldn’t imitate or follow what others were doing or how they were learning. (I found it so boring!)

I started out with my piece of paper and this photograph

My intention was to simply draw what I saw. I started with lead pencil lightly drawing it out, then I decided to paint it in. (I only had 1 actual painting lesson before, and that was again a painful experience). I often just had idea’s of how to draw or paint just pop into my head. Those idea’s always worked.

As I was painting in the plant, the teacher came to check on my progress, and I could tell she was less than impressed, “hmm thats interesting, well we will see how it turns out…” She said looking at me doubtfully.

Well, I have had a fragile self esteem…., I found myself adding more and more paint, I started painting very rapidly, very quickly, the page became a total mess of colours, I had totally given up on the photo, “screw it” I thought to myself. I remember feeling totally defeated, disappointed, drained, totally frustrated, hopes gurgling downwards and my self esteem just spiralled.

Then I started to feel and enjoy the colours, I let myself just be drawn to the colours before me.

The teacher could see what happened and didn’t say anything, I could see she wasn’t really appreciating what I was doing, I think she felt it wasn’t quite serious enough, and there wasn’t a lot she could do to ‘help‘ me by that stage and the time in the class was running out.

Soon I could say that the page was so saturated with paint, that I would probably tear it if I kept going. So I stopped. It felt right and when I stepped back, I could see a waterfall.

The other man in the class came over, and he told me how much he loved it. (He was amazing….clearly quite professional). His words held weight to me, I was really grateful for his words of encouragement. But I did feel at the time that, although I had produced this, it was in fact another failure…again. I was still disappointed that I had yet another goal I hadn’t reached….one in a long list of idea’s, schemes, plans, goals that I hadn’t met. The teacher had very little to say. She was really unimpressed. I left the class feeling flat. I didn’t return. I left the painting thrown into my study/trash room (lol), I’ve looked at it occasionally but it stood for failure in my mind.

Here is what I have learnt about myself since then.

Dance, paint, sing, write…take up what ever source of inspiration you have and let it explode before you.

You will be done when you are done.

Your way is the best way.

Nothing is wasted.

I am good enough.

You may always be a source of confusion for some people.

The most dangerous thing you can do is walk the line.

Stay off course. You will be ruined by being like them or even wanting them to like you.

The only opinion that matters is yours.

Make a magical mess, hold nothing back and don’t ever be sorry for it.

Beauty comes shinning triumphantly through every dark place. Have no doubts.

You are the most glorious thing because you are different.

Smash colours onto a page with all your feelings.

Enjoy the process …walk away

Do it again tomorrow.

The Waterfall

The Dream

Last night I felt myself smile…..

I was dreaming

The first dream

I saw someone I had had my hopes in, from the past.

He was someone I once desired

I had dreamed of him in the past

I was sitting by the road with my back to him

I felt him drive past me

I felt him staring intently at me

But I paid him no attention

Then as dreams go

I heard him arrive home, I packed up my things (feeling immediately fatigued) and took myself to bed

I sat up in bed watching media

My eye’s could not stay open

I could hear the media’s voice talking incessantly and loudly

I couldn’t wake enough to turn it off

Then I felt a slight tickle on my arm

I saw a giant bullant race down my arm

I heard a knock on my door and his face peaked in the door

I heard his voice asking me if I was awake

I could barely nod

My eyes couldn’t open, they were so heavy and I was desperate to sleep

But I felt the tickle of the bull-ant running through my bed sheets

I swiped it off, trying to kill it, fearful of it’s bite

I felt him sit beside me on the bed

Gently trying to wake me

I knew his desires to seduce

But the bull ant….

and I could not open my eyes

He left knowing it was no use

I felt a heavy book in my hands

I smashed the bull ant with it

I could not see its dead body, but it never moved again.

I felt relief.

 I was finally able to rest.

Then in the second

I dreamt I was driving on a safari


In a large open aired jeep

I drove through a shallow river bed

The motor became flooded and the vehicle became stuck in the mud

The river started to rise and water started to pour through the doors

The river bank was not far from the jeep

So I readied myself to jump to it

As I stood on the hood of the jeep about to jump

10 green alligators came slithering in to lie in wait

Watching my every move

Quietness underlying their readiness and tightly wound bodies

They had seen the trap immediately and did not hesitate

When all of a sudden

I felt a huge jarring jolt

The vehicle felt as if it had been hit by another car from behind

I fell backwards onto the vehicle again

I turned

My heart leapt

And my face crumpled with tears and I sobbed with relief and gratitude

Out of the river and the mud

My saviour had risen

She was a giant!

Larger than the jeep

Her presence required no fanfare

Her confidence was absolute

The Queen of the River…. a Hippopotamus

Who humbley and with barely an effort

Pushed the jeep up onto the dry ground

The alligators and crocodiles could only scatter or be crushed

This Monarch stood for no nonsense

Her mere presence scattered the cold blooded

She attended her duties without fuss

I loved her

And I felt her love

As she pushed me to life, I felt her determination, her strength and her power

I stared at her as she returned to the river

Almost hidden but ever watchful

Gratitude and the knowledge that I was safe

Sinking deeply into my being

I wanted to wait there a moment longer

But I knew that this was just the beginning.

I felt myself smile…..but not in my dream.

This was the sign.

I was not alone

I was loved

I was safe.