As rare as diamond from dark pressured reaches

Canons are sounded when one is founded

Represented as holy

Created for one only

Placed upon a region

Known to all

In all seasons

You are held in my hand

My heart and my reason

I give it to you

My hand

My heart

My reason






Apple Tree

Little Wren and Little Billie

You’ll sit and sing

Your prideful songs to me

Upon the branches of the aged apple tree

Its known you well and kept you hid

It’s fed you the things that buzzed upon it

Its flowers wreathed you

And crowned you with it

Every spring romancing those who stray upon it

Bearing fruit

From roots in dark soil

My eyes cannot bear to turn away from it

Sweetness is offered

And safety and strength

Apple Tree Apple Tree

Make me your friend





Upon the world the rain doth fall

And from the rainbow

People were formed

Each a shade as coloured as Mother

Falling together

All over the ether


Yet finding each other

Offering differences

Uniting the brother

Colours burst forth

As sun shines upon it




For Alex Shmalex for inspiring a Poet



The carcass jiggles with each wave


Blubber exposed

Crisping in the sun

Drying in the wind

Bloating with the water

The earth

The wind

The waves

Caressing it

Creating change

One would think it alive in some ways

If it’s scent were not a beacon for talons and teeth

One would question if life could actually exist.

As it slowly becomes one with the sand.