Hallowed Ground

All that step into this space shall know

Irreverence shall be quashed

Thunder shall warn the fool

Know where you stand

For it is Holy

A high fence shall surround

and the Holy soldiers guard it

The simple minded laugh

While the wise humbly yet sternly, correct their impertinence

Care for balance and the fear of a greater wrath weighs heavily on them

They feel death creep close

Consuming time

Urgency is theirs

With wisdom desperate to be imparted


Facing up to mounds of trouble

My stomachs flip flops

As I burst the bubble

Carrying over a world of trouble

Transformation must come

Fight it I will not

Time is my master

Though I ask it to go faster

Yet faster


I stand on precipices


Slowly I tilt forward

Feeling the wind

I raise my hands

Fear is mine

By courage also

Today I am swan

I call no one to me today

I own my steps

blame is silent

Left behind as a milestone

I feel praise

My hands are lifted



I am surrounded

Space and air


Shadows cross the brow

And waves crash against the abdomen

The sails are full

The mast firm

The ropes taught

Carrying the crew into places ships should not go

Wrecks are made by steering courses unsailed

But discoveries and gold lay also before

Tho rocks

Tho storms

Set your course

And the sea shall take you to places you never thought.


I hold you in my heart

And draw you on the page

I go to the seer

In hope that I have foreseen it

I seek to tie you to myself and make you be mine forever

But you,

The Future

Are a wise old mage

Foolishness is mine as I ask for security

Instead of learning, truth and wisdom.

Knowing this

I ask of it anyway


Love they say

Sits around the next corner

Over the hill just follow the dancer

She will take you down hills and valleys

Up mountains

Off cliff sides

And into deep caverns

Love they say

Waits for no person

It pounces like a lion

Upon a small kitten

Wraps you up like a warm blanket in the Antarctic

Soothes like oil in a rusty old motor

Changes you like a potter shapes a sculpture









Carrying your heart

Alone in your pocket

You pulled it out from its very own socket

Removed it to another location

Filled the hole

With different concoctions

But quiet it sat alone in your pocket



It wept to itself

Tears just one or two or three were felt

No one could hear it

Or feel it

Or touch it

And the hole sat cold

And just a little bit damp

For the pumping of wells were left to the shadows

Unable to function

Though things often sat in it

All would try and give it a minute

But always they would feel the cold and the damp

And then they knew

What this was about

For they were looking for the a pulse and some warmth

But it lay hidden out of sight and out of sorts