The Tempest

I shower you with glass, stone and rubbish

I am the tempest

The things that you discarded so thoughtlessly

The stuff that you so quickly disposed

Out of your site and out of your mind

But I am the restoration of it all.

In an instant

With a ferocity that you thought others were over reacting to.

My ferocity is wildness

My power untamed

I am such that you shall both admire and fear me

You shall be sucked into a vacuum of your own creation

A vacuous screaming tower of everything broken and useful that you discarded without care or thought

Flesh shall be flayed

Stone shall be smashed to rubble

Metal shredded and bent like wheat

Water is hardened and instead of sustaining you, it shall pummel you instead

I am the tempest who returns the rubbish and trashed things that you so carelessly threw away.

This message is the mirror or sister to the ‘The Unveiled Bride” + ” Understanding power”

7 thoughts on “The Tempest

    1. Keep listening and learning what they mean, spirit can be Cryptic, search every meaning to every number, image or dream e.g if you dream about a fox – what does that represent etc.
      what do the numbers represent in numerology etc
      If you are drawn to colours research what chakra they represent and whether it’s related to a blockage in that area.
      Good luck my friend.


      1. Firstly, it’s so great to hear from you. I’ve been seeing 911 for 5+ years! But only recently 666. I’m eager to learn!!!!!!


        1. 911 can mean the tower. Breaking down old constructs that you may have built due to life experiences, culture, family values etc. begin to question everything. It can also be the opposite. Spirit is building you up. Trying to show you that when you build your life on what feels genuinely good for you you will experience genuine happiness.
          This is how you know your most authentic self. That is the path that spirit will ultimately guide you towards.
          Everything else is up to you and Spirit. If you don’t understand search it …literally just google it. Trust the answers you receive.
          And don’t forget that divine timing is everything. You will understand at exactly the right time and it will suddenly blow you mind. Trust the process.


              1. I feel conflicted about this. On one hand I should just say thank you and let it rest. But I won’t, because that doesn’t feel right.
                It just raises so many questions and thoughts.
                1- who did he become?
                2 – was it me? Cautionary flags are waving. Both blame and credit can be easily attributed to others for the work we’ve done and the decisions we’ve made.
                HoneyBee, take all the credit where credit is due. I don’t know what you’ve done, what you’ve over come or what you’ve achieved. But take all the credit. I didn’t do the work. You did. Revel in the knowledge that it was all you. That you are the source of your power.
                Celebrate the self and all you’ve achieved.
                3- the love I crave is free from attachment of anything I’ve done for you.
                Love me because you just do. Nothing more, nothing less.


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