Moving forward


Freedom YES!

Information brings forth wisdom and the path is now clear!!

Raise the banners

Sound the trumpets

Bring forth the wine and let the feasting begin!

Another Kingdom announces an heir!

The Empress in her kingdom sends forth gifts and blessings in regard to their prosperity

Congratulations are in order!

There is so much to be celebrating!

The union of lovers and the blessing of their union is much to be desired!

Strength and the over flowing of a happy union

The Empress is abundant in wisdom

She see’s across her kingdom and it pleases her well

The knowledge of her Strength is a power that even she didn’t understand

But she does now

Her Kingdom is well guarded against any attack

The thieves have been caught

They are locked away

Their sentence set

She casts her eye’s to the horizon

Across the Sea she see’s her future

Excitement making her feet dance

Her wish is going to be granted

Since her kingdom is now in order

She takes her place alongside the dancing maidens

As she lifts her skirts and dances until the moon is set

and the Sun warms the edge of the horizon

She knows

As she dances as light as a feather

Like a bird on the wing.

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