I am a heart that lives outside of it’s own ribs

Easy to squeeze and soft to touch

Thumping continuously

Loudly for all to hear

Easy to prick and to bleed

I wonder who would want to….

There is a constant stream from those who do

And yet…thump thump thump it goes

People stare at it as if it is strange

But I cherish it and it’s strangeness

You can see the capillaries and the veins and watch it as it beats

I love this

And the ability to live exposed and uncaged

Hiding nothing

Beating without any blocks or embolisms

To live unguarded



Passionately and unfiltered

Screaming away from all expectations

Throwing them off because other peoples shame, is not my own

My passions are mine

There is no apology required from me for loving and feeling and expressing

I am not sorry for any passions I have….for that is my essence.

That is me.

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