Prepare me your dreams

And I will devour them


Keep yourself hidden

And I will search you out


Cloak me in adoration

And I will warm myself in my ego


Starve me of truth

And I will hunger for your lies


Fill me with sweet nothings

And I will empty myself of something


I am a glutton for your emptiness

A whore for your touch


I ardently hunger for your notice

Give me your vacuity and I will pour myself in

Love and Hate

I am love and I am hate

I keep score

A reckless mouthy mess


I draw a line in the sand

I make the rules


Cutting the fat I am a carnival

Feasting on my own delusion


Cornered by my own desires



I am wild


A seeker of idea’s

I go to crowded places and listen to music so  I can be alone


I feel shivering excitement for things that are not tangible


Why did I come here?


The wind attacks the waves and steals my joy


People mingle and jostle

wanting to be seen….

…being seen….

Do we all feel invisible ?


Is that why we seek perfection?

Hoping to be a head above the rest?

By seeking the same thing do we all not blend into one?

Is this the flaw in humanity?

That we don’t enjoy our imperfections and therefore our perfect uniqueness?


I am guilty

Awash with it

I sit here fo ra reason I do not understand.


To watch?


I see everything I do not want.


This I know

I see things that are rich and beautiful

But I desire heart in it

It is candy and sadness


Give me gold seams in the earth

And goedes cracked like an egg

Faulted and raw

Give me the heart of Joni

Her eyes

And the earth as it is.





Bare Me Your Soul

Can you bare me your soul?

I’ve never wanted to know anything more

Open your skin

Expose me your veins

Your blood

Let it froth out earnestly


bare me this … just once…


I lie naked



Give me this small thing

A pound of your flesh

You can keep all the rest


Send the herald to the gates

Command the guard

Be king

Be firm

Be just

Open the door to your people

And let them see you in your glory


The Three Monks

The fan stimulates the curtain

It dances seductively

Confusing the observer

Is it organic or object?

The window lights the dark room

The outside becomes cinematic to the observer

A solitary man sits black against its light

Highlighting His loneliness

His glass golden

His hat forlorn

The gaudy images on the wall laugh at their guests

They beckon, “Come with us and dismiss your woes”

But darkness is their surround

The lonely man’s appearance brightens before me

His food his satisfaction

His drink his comfort

The music cascades down his leg

Causing it to pulse

He resolves his agitations

Packs his bag

Returns his hat, which finds its’ purpose again

A nod to the bartender completes the transaction

The man returns to his intentions


The observer also completes her station and moves to her purpose.


You can’t see what I see

Nor I feel what you feel


Me a melancholy

You mystifying madness


You climb to the top and leap over mountains

Radically bounding and moving



Always moving through space and time

Shifting and changing

Clawing and grappling

Shaking and rapid

Eating and eating

Always seeking and stimming

You chant




Your force fierce and fantastic

Your schemes grandiose.


You can’t see what I see

Nor feel

Nor touch

Nor listen


Your works are motion and chaos


I do what I must

I will to do what I should

Whilst you thrust yourself ahead

Forward always forward




It must be so


If I were to hold you to myself and warm you to myself

Your heart would be stilled

Your eyes would close

You would dream deep dreams

Your lids weighed heavy with idea’s, will close eternally to dream of your truth

Your being


I will myself

To stay myself

To master myself

While you be who you will

While you be who you must