Chasing Enlightenment

Charging towards enlightenment

With every piece of energy that could be mustered

I was charged with this as my duty

Naivety was my steed

I galloped towards it

Riding high upon her




I could see arrows descending towards me

I easily shielded myself from them

Cutting them down with my sword

Bouncing them off of my shield

What is to fear in this battle?

I arrogantly said to myself

“Forward brave steed!”

As I kicked her to go faster

More arrows

Spears missing their mark as the steed swiftly dodged them

I was drawn further and further in

Pride rising with every mile closer

“I am invincible”

I heard the words foolishly cross my mind

…………as I felt my steed and I forcefully hit the ground

I was thrown from her

and dragged through the earth

Dirt and mud clinging

Soiling every garment I wore

I felt my heart clench

And the breath leave my body

I saw my steed lie unmoving and glassy eyed

A spear protruding from her heart

Innocence lay dead

An arrow dropped lazily from clear skies

I swiftly stepped from it

Another struck from no where

Piercing my boot

Pain rippling upwards

Suddenly I knew I was bound

The Enemy had caught it’s rabbit

The trap had bore success

False courage and enticement’s, led the prey into the jaws of the Lion

The enlightenment had begun.

As the roaring truth took it’s turn to play upon it’s prey

Making it dance until she accepted surrender and then her fate

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