Falling like stars from heaven

Everything that was before is altered

Change again absolute!!

Nothing is left for me to hold that was old







Every expectation that was held


I stand on the banks of all of these and watch them swiftly rush downstream


I follow them not

 Every year

 The new

The dangerous

 The immoral

 The pagan

All these are pushing themselves forcefully forward

Into my hand

My mind

My space

Into my bed and I am happy

Why do all my warnings now  scream to avoid all that I held to be good and right?

Now they sit back quietly

They have gone to sup

While I am smashed like boiled potato

Calmness remains mine though

All is well


I do not


I do not

Yet all is well

while everything is wrong

I must laugh

mirth is mine

For all now is wrong

yet happiness is found



The Torturer is no longer in employment

 He must seek others out

He can find no satisfaction here

For I laugh in his face

As he slinks back to the dark places



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