What is Strength?

I hear the the flapping of the angels wings

I smell the sulphur and fumes rising from the pitts of Hell

As both the gates of Hell and Heaven open

Two armies are lined up upon the battle field

They ask the Creator “Is it now?”

Both parties stamping their feet and chomping at the bit

The decision lies upon you

Two paths are stretched out

The road to Hell appears smooth and easy, but will carry you to suffering, burden and pain

As you glide so elegantly down it……into the jaws of The Beast

Indecision is still a decision

And Judgement falls upon you regardless

I have seen death

As you choose your path

You hold life in your very hands

And ‘The Purpose’

Your ‘Destiny’ yet to be fulfilled

Happiness and abundance is in your very hands

Both paths will inflict pain upon your bare back

It shall not be removed from you if you take the left or the right

But the pain that is inflicted on the path to healing

Shall be soothed after the battle wounds are cleaned and sewn

Do not fear the pain from the hands of expert healers

This is ‘The Junction’

Indecision …is still a decision

When you are Just to yourself

You are Just to them

When you love you

You love them

The date has been assigned

You are being called upon to find your strength

True strength does not wield a hammer

It is not brash

It is not proud

It does not run

It does not desire false things and deceptions

Strength lies in holding the hands of fear

It shakes like a puppy in a storm

It stands firm despite the vast and painful feelings that threaten to overwhelm

It allows the Tsunami

Strength shakes at the knees

It stands naked before the crowd as they jeer and scorn you

They do so because they are weak

And you shall feel their scorn

Because truth simply is.

Truth exists whether it is cloaked or hidden

Truth in fact grows louder and louder like a wailing horn that you can not suppress

It turns the heads of everyone towards it

The more layers you use to suppress it…. The louder and stronger it shall become


Strength stands before the crowd, humbled, naked…

The crowd will jeer

And you shall stand out as a joke, and they shall turn upon you

But if you stand quietly



They shall disperse

They shall become bored

The tables will turn, and you will hear them quieten also

And soon they will applaud you

The people who claim friendship but are indeed false friends shall reveal their true intentions

They shall realise you stand there with purpose in humility

It will reveal to them that they also stand naked

They will either flee to find cover…

Or the the true friends will climb the stage to stand next to you

As everyone shall also realise their own shame as you stand as a leader before them all

And what was initially your shame, shall in fact become your glory

Some of the crowd will become your most loyal comrades and allies

You shall find strength in each other

You shall find true Friendship

As you discover your nakedness

You shall discover your power

For there will be nothing for anyone to tear off you

And the discomfort and shame that you feel when you are naked…. shall become your greatest comfort

Your freedom

Your strength

Your power

Your confidence

Your purpose is to change history

But greatness does not always appear as the weilder of swords or a brave Knight.

Greatness can be willingly carrying your own cross

Accepting the blows of others ….despite the injustice

Greatness in the eyes of Heaven,

Gives to the weary

It offers mercy and help to those that suffer and to those who do deserve it

Greatness endures for a greater good and for Divine purpose

Greatness releases others to their own path as you choose your own

This is the test

The Spirits are asking if you are strong enough for the task before you




The weak abandon their post

But the Strong….see deceit

And cut through it to reveal truth

and this, my Dear….. is love

The greatest love

And it is the thing your heart desires above everything else.

Let it rule you

Let it overwhelm you

Let it wash you clean

Succumb to it!

The army is awaiting your command

and help is always near.

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