“I am not Worthy!”

“Roll out the red carpet!”

“Prepare Ye the way for the Royal Pair” announces the Paige.

As they awkwardly and a little uncomfortably walk down it, in squeaky new shoes and crowns that slip occasionally from their heads

The Royal Joker interrupts the procession as he jumps over the royal carpet and yells to the crowd


Laughter erupts from his Majesty

The Queen laughs at him and neither of them can contain giggles and smiles that truly disarm them from the seriousness of the occasion

They looked at each other and pull each other close

Smiling is so easy together

The crowd was immediately forgotten, the crowns, the ill fitting shoes and all the other distractions

And without any care or second thought

They strolled down the street

Holding hands like any normal couple

Not even hearing the fanfare and excitement that cheered them on

As they made their way

Never once questioning their Worth

But simply holding it in their hearts

And holding it in their hands

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