Out of the darkness,

Charging towards me, as I ambled listlessly with out purpose or destination

Came a burning double edged sword

I saw it speeding with its blade extended directly toward me

Fear gripped at my heart

As I fled immediatly from it

It’s flames and it’s sharp edges

I saw a hand gripping it fiercely

Whitened knuckles revealing determination and strength

Darkness hiding his identity

I looked back to check the distance and to gain some more

A simple stumble brought the attacker into view

I saw my face appear from the darkness

I saw my own hand raise

As I plunged it with a shout into my very own heart

I saw confusion and pain cross his face….my face

Guilt, shame, horror.

I watched my mouth fall open in a silent scream

I looked up at the face that towered over me …my face

I looked further down to my attackers chest

I saw the the handle of a fiery bloodied blade plunged deeply into his heart …my heart

Sorrow and tears dropped latently down his face

Untouched and unwilling to wipe them away

“I am finished” we said in union

I am sorry” we said together

“What happened?” we asked together

The wielder spoke on his own

“I saw your heart from a distance, I saw that it was wounded and festering

I waved at you with the healing sword, to beckon you closer.

But I saw you run instead, so I took chase

It is a magical healing blade, but it causes great pain as it heals

But I did not know how much, until this very moment.

But we shall be healed

Now we can unite

I did not see my own wounds

And I could not have healed myself

I could not have pierced my own heart

But you knew

And you helped me by giving chase

And I helped you by hiding by hiding my face.”

“Remove the sword then!” I said shaking my head

A smile crossed his face

And a laugh cackled out.

“yes. Ok then” He said grinning.

As He pulled the blade out – both our faces winced

As we felt the burning and cutting of the healing sword

My attacker let it drop by his side

And with a firm hand- offered it to me

And I grasped it without hesitation

We pulled each other closer

Closer and closer

Until we were no longer seperate

We stood strong

We stood laughing in delight

We stood healed

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