The Muse

The awakening is now

And the Muse….

He is returning

The Creative, is awakening from a deep slumber

She didn’t understand the silence that had gripped her

But destiny and the plans from the Universe have been revealed

Her hands are shaking with anticipation

As inspiration has begun to return

She knows

It is a deep knowing

Together, creations will spew out of the two of them this time.

As energy is restored

The Universe is restoring another piece of itself to its original state

It’s perfect state

An eruption of goodness and provision

And beauty is the outcome

Hands manically spread paint onto canvases

New songs are written

Instruments try their voices again

The creative is like a puppy shaking and bouncing around the house her excitement refusing to be stifled

Every expression she accepts

Her curiosity about them is endless

The Muse is coming!

Her smile is ear to ear and she welcomes it, spreading a plague of happiness around her.

The Muse is coming.

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