The Divine Feminine

I am the impetus

The creator

The lover of all things beautiful

I am the lover of this world

The influencer and the being, the god and the well of life

I create all that is good and right and true

“carry me upon the wind and watch me grow wherever it is I am blown.”

” Oh storm you cannot contain nor destroy!”

A moth that hides and waits for the rains and the perfect season

I am a Bunya pine that sends its roots deep.

Watch as my fruit drop heavily upon the heads of the unconscious

Beware the coming of greatness

She flowers upon the new moon

And there will be nowhere her blossom is not seen.

One thought on “The Divine Feminine

  1. Unconscious I may be, but your bearing and heartfelt fruit I am awaiting. 0493113905.
    I am excited to hear from you.
    Embracing your godship.


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