The Mother

I hide under your wing and nudge at your chest

You carry me on your back

You feed me and teach me what is good to eat

What you eat I eat

where you go I go

I am sheltered from the sun the wind and the rain

I follow you and imitate you

I play the way you play

I dance as you danced and fly as you flew

I know what I know by the path that you took

I see my path by the path that you trod

I wanted to know what was best and what is truth

But you are neither open nor able to think, nor care for what was best or what was truth

I know what I know and only when I know it.

Mother you are held to high account for the path that you took

We are responsible for the path that shall be trod by those that follow behind us.


Hello Friends!


This site is made to help you find truth in your Spiritual journey.

Sometimes, we simply need to have someone help us understand how we are feeling.

Sometimes we need someone to describe it for us.

That is my job

I realise that poetry can be difficult to understand

But it also provides a depth sometimes, that other forms can’t

We are very complex beings after all

So, sometimes you will read, and feel convicted.

Sometimes you will be called to act on something that Spirit has been trying to communicate to you.

If you have arrived here, then I assume you are searching and considering spiritual things.


My role in your life is to awaken you.

This is just the beginning. Do not doubt what you are feeling or what you are seeing.

Awakening will likely turn your world upside down..or should I say right side up…

I love you. I care that you find truth. I care that you find absolute peace and happiness. My advice is to follow that trail. True peace and happiness can only lead to good things.

If this is not your experience, then there is a reason, and there is a truth that is fighting to come out.

I am here to let you know it is safe to let it.

It’s time to release yourself from false things and false people.

So how it works….

Look at the menu, allow yourself to be drawn in. Click whatever you feel drawn to. Trust your intuition. You shall receive the message you need.

Let me repeat that…THE MESSAGE YOU NEED.

My advice is that you take time out so that you can process what you need to.

It can be heavy…but powerful.

Feel everything you need to, journal, write, speak, feel, cry, scream.

Release your truth to yourself and to Spirit

Ask for guidance and trust your intuition first and foremost.

All the best, feel free to comment or write to me however you wish.

I’ll respond if I feel called to.

All my love to you always.


The Grasses and the Maples

I was sitting in a Park at a little table, eating lunch along a gently winding brick path. It sat by an office building full of glass. I was sitting eating and playing on my phone when all of a sudden it went flat. I was immediately annoyed. All I wanted was to shut out the work world, listen to music or look for any other distraction. So I was forced to sit quietly with only my thoughts and the wind.

Thankfully, I was alone. I didn’t want to make small talk for this short period.

So I sat quietly. and began to observe my environment.

It began to filter into my consciousness.

A bird flapped close to me as she found a branch to rest on

She looked down on me with one eye

She was letting me know she saw me

I smiled at her

How sweet.

I love birds

The tree she was perched in was a Japanese Maple.

It was a perfect spring day

There were three maples alongside the gently winding brick path

They had their new spring leaves

Beautiful small green stars connecting and stretched outwards and upwards

The green was vivid and brilliant as the sun shone through them, lighting them up even more than usual

They had their boughs open like worshippers praising God

They felt angelic…..and a little out of place, even alien in this environment.

I began to see into their minds




They never seemed to look below them

Yet everything beneath them was sheltered and it was pleasurable to sit beneath them.

They brought gentle beauty to an otherwise cold and harsh environment

When the wind moved them, they whispered gently to each other

They were asking many deep questions to the universe, philosophising, speaking of purpose, of things to come and what constitutes wisdom.

They never really engaged much with what was below them.

Yet everything was nurtured, cared for and beauty was their very existence.

They never hurried or worried

You could feel their longing and absolute focus and wonder about the things they discussed

And their desire to return to the heavens

Their beauty was beyond what the landscape could produce on it’s own

They had a radiance that everybody could enjoy and benefit from

Yet this was not where they belonged

All visitors loved them

Appreciated them

But they had little awareness of this nor concern about it

People and creatures sat beneath them without asking any questions

Such as where did they come from?

They simply sat and felt the energy of the Maples but didn’t understand what healed them or calmed them

They were a stark contrast to everything that surrounded them

Other small plants had been placed beside them also

Large clumping grasses

They also spoke to me this day

They sat side by side in an orderly line alongside the building and some also along the winding brick path

They also sat in the stark landscape with reddened rough cut man made stones as their mulch

It was funny that I hadn’t noticed this harsh landscape when I was looking at the Japanese Maples

Yet now as I looked down, it suddenly became quite apparent.

Some of the clumping grasses stood quite tall

Almost as tall as a grown man

They were planted in a linear fashion to follow the building

Some were still quite young

Their leaves were like long fingers that fell over at various angles

The wind moved in them too

I could hear them speaking almost in unison!

The big ones had deep voices whilst the young ones had squeakier and higher pitched notes

Their energy was in complete opposition to the maples (who honestly didn’t pay them any attentional at all)

They were busy when the wind moved them

Urgent confident and firm

They never asked any questions

They were busy telling everyone what to do or they were completely silent

They only spoke a couple of things. Such as…

“Come on, come on, come on”

“This way everybody, this way.”

“Come on, come on, come on”

Their leaves beckoned like hands waving you down a queue

“This way folks, keep going everybody, keep going”

“This way, this way, this way”

They reminded me of traffic controllers with little grey moustaches, waving white gloved hands

“This way, this way, this way”

“Come on, come on, come on”

“Hurry along now madam”

“Get along now Sir”

“Come on, come on, come on.”

Every time the wind changed so did their direction

“This way now sir, come on, get a wriggle on M’am, come on, come on come on come on”

“That’s the way.” They would say with delight and approval if you followed their direction, you could almost see them nod in approval when you did.

When the wind was still, they remained completely still and completely silent

They belonged here

It’s as if they had always been here

It was an ancient place where red dust had lived for thousands of centuries

Stones and tall grasses

This was their natural landscape

The grasses had been performing these duties for many centuries.

There was little need for them to evolve or change

They had no interest in the sky

They didn’t ever look up

Because they had no questions.

They had everything they were made for right where they were

They had their job

They had their security

They had their purpose

They were satisfied

The wind their only interest.

For a minute I laughed at this and their simplicity

For a minute I thought this was really sweet

And a little charming

But as their message never changed

No matter where the wind blew them

It began to make me feel frustrated and bothered

Here they sat beneath beauty and wisdom

Yet no matter what surrounded them, they could not ….or would not look up to see beyond them and all the beauty that surrounded them.

They sat happily in rocks dull and silent or urgent and busy

Never changing

Growing yet never changing

How is this possible? I thought

I felt repelled

Hearing their repetitive words over and over again and never looking up to see their surrounds

It almost drove me to madness

I wanted to shut them out and move away from them

So I looked up at the vibrant green canopy above me and thanked the Japanese Maples

Wishing to join them

Wishing to turn my back on the Grasses and their endless, pointless talk, that never went anywhere and never brought any beauty or wisdom or purpose.

The Killer Whales and the Little Black Dog (A Dream)

I dreamed about the beach

The sand was golden yellow

The water was crystal clear, smooth and aqua blue

The water was deep and the sand bank dropped suddenly and sharply into it

It was sunny and warm on the beach, but there was an ominous energy building over the water

I remember looking up as my children jumped into the water

I observed that the ocean was very open

I looked down into the crystal clear water but I could only see so far

The reflection from the sky made it difficult to see too far from the bank

My eldest swam further out whilst the smaller ones stayed closer

Not too far out in the ocean, I saw movement, I saw black fins and three ripples in the water

Close to my eldest child

I called him back and as he swam towards me I saw the three ripples move into a triangular shape pointing in his direction

I pulled the two smaller children back onto the beach, they ran back to their towels and continued to play safely on the warm sand- unaware of any danger, I did not show them any signs of concern.

I felt no fear for my eldest, although he did not see what was moving towards him

He took my hand as he accepted my help out of the water, he was smiling and happy, but beneath him as I was pulling him out, I could see a Killer Whale

It was looking up at both of us.

I locked eye’s with it. Neither of us backed away. There was an understanding between us. I could feel a mutual respect granted between us. I had no fear, despite the threat.

I felt calm, sure and safe.

No one else was going in the water.

People were happy to lie on the golden beach in the warmth.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a fast black streak run to the waters edge, the Killer Whale saw it too and reacted immediatly

In a flash I saw that there were two other Killer whales with the first.

They stayed side by side along the beach edge. The largest one closest to the beach, leading them as a pack

The middle supported the larger one, almost equally but remaining respectful of the leader, almost head to head with it and the smallest remained almost completely hidden, but it was there, ready to cut off any escapees. It was the smallest but the fastest. It was also there to support the other two, but it knew it had to remain hidden and stealthy, that was it’s main task. To remain hidden from the beach and hidden behind the other two.

But I could see them all.

The largest one knew this. But it also knew that whilst it was in the water and I stayed on the beach, that we were at an impasse.

So it waited for anything that might fall into the water.

The black streak I saw, was a cute, smiling toy poodle, black all over, with a medium length curly coat. He was so fast! He ran full speed to the waters edge, barking in delight. The three Killer Whales locked onto him as a target. They moved as one. The little black poodle thought it was great fun! He actually ran beside them in a race, almost like he was in a field chasing cars along the roadside.

He stopped for a second, barking and panting with his little red tongue out, a goofy smile on his face.

The Lead Killer Whale stopped also, resting it’s tail and it’s head on the beach, with it’s mouth open. I could see it’s pink tongue, it almost looked goofy and fun as well. I walked over to it, I didn’t believe it was comfortable or having a good time. Despite how cute and comfortable it appeared, I knew it would have to be painful for it. It was unnatural for it to perform that way, I saw deceptive play at hand.

I walked over to it. I felt a powerful urge to kick it’s body as hard as I could. I wanted to so badly. I wanted to kick it with all of my strength. I could feel a growing rage in myself.

But I saw in my minds eye, that if I allowed myself to satisfy my rage, that I would wound it severely, even mortally.

I stopped myself despite how close I was. Knowing that it wasn’t right to do so.

I saw the little dog sitting facing the mouth of the whale, his little tongue out and smiling. He raised his little paw and was about to place his paw on the tongue of the Whale, in sign of friendship.

I immediately called the dog over, “COME!” I said in my fiercest voice

It pulled back surprised

The Killer Whale rolled back into the water

I knew the entire time that the Whale had never taken it’s eyes off me.

The Killer Whale looked at me angrily for a second, then took off speedily down the beach, the others by its side.

The little black poodle was so full of energy that it had already run as fast as it could down the other end of the beach, no idea how close it had come to it’s end.

The three whales took off after it immediately

Leaving me behind

I watched from the distance for a short moment before I turned away

There was no way I could keep up with the little black dog, I turned back to the beach to focus on what I needed to do.

I knew there was nothing further I could do for the little black poodle. I hoped it would tire itself out and return to it’s owner eventually. Whoever that may be.

The Laughter

This is for those specifically on the Twin Flame Journey- It is prophetic. For those in the know, you will know. Consider it advice on what to do, the time will come. It is specific guidance. Remember boundaries are important and a loving act firstly towards yourself and also to others. There are other messages that I have already written talking about boundaries and how to behave so that you are acting with honour. Pray for your eye to be drawn to those posts. Let me encourage you not to give into revenge, vengeance or rage or anger. Always act in Love with good intention, with hope to heal, release what is not good for you whilst leaving your conscience clean. How you behave in a crises speaks volumes to those around you. Despite their wrong actions towards you, in the end they will respect you- despite themselves. Divine guidance is there for you, learn the lesson that problems and crises bring you. Act honourably no matter what. Grieve and feel later- nothing you feel is wrong. But act honourably until it is safe for you to do so.

It starts with a little giggle and a smile

It is spreading though..

Her mouth is open in delight!

Smiling delight


How foolish.” The Empress thought to Herself

Did the liars believe their own lies?

There is a gentle benevolent Monarch who is seated, even lounging upon the throne.


Delighting in His Kingdom

Smiling in the sunshine

Walking in the plowed feilds

Sometimes He even, throws off His robes to help the simple farmers working hard.

Their hard work is benefit to all, The Emperor Understands this well.

He extends His hand to help, out of gratitude and understanding that those who appear lowly are the backbone of the kingdom

His desire is to be fair

To protect

To aid

To raise them up and to extinguish any poverty in his kingdom, because any poverty in his Kingdom, He considers shame to himself

But to the courtiers and his direct assistants, who live in His palace in glory, in rich robes and grand adornments

He gives the same, but he also expects the same in return.

He expects a return on His investments

He shakes their hands

He gives them what they require for their status

But there has been deceit

The poor have given more than they needed

But the rich have taken more than they needed, in fact

Gorged themselves inappropriately

The Empress saw their extravagances

She watched the Emperor, Whispered little things to him

He was more benevolent than Her

She would have removed them off the grounds of the Kingdom as enemies immediately

But She knew that the enemies would hang themselves in the long run

She had little to do

And She knew Her Husband well

She knew who He was

She knew his kindness and his generosity

She loved that very thing

It was what made him a great and powerful leader

To lead in love, generosity and enjoyment of those in His employ

It truly made Him great in Her eyes

She gave Him Her voice and Her wisdom and let Him be.

Because She knew Her husband well

She knew that beneath the charming benevolence

Lay a powerful, snarling Lion

He could sweep out the abusers with a single shake of His mane

The fools were those who thought He would never rise

The fools were those who did not pay their dues

They did not think He would call them on their debt

But, He had let them take their fill

Not out of ignorance

But rather out of hope, that their taking was going to result in great return

It was in fact an expectation

He expected that those in high positions knew that higher things were demanded

More was required for them

He appreciated that great responsibility came at great cost

And so He allowed them to take their fill

But the fools, took and took and took

They took a lot.

So the debt was great

As was the expectation…little did they realise

They were stringing themselves up

They were hanging themselves by their own debts

Their debts, were the evidence that was required and when The Emperor revealed He knew

The fools could not argue

They could not speak or manipulate or trick Him

And they shook

They saw Him with teeth bared

With His claws out

They heard His roar and trembled at His might

Their underestimation of Him was great

Because the Liars, lied to themselves the most

The Empress smiles and laughs inwardly to Herself , at their simplicity

Their foolishness

As She sits proudly by His side

Equal in Her ferocity

But She barely blinks an eye in their direction

She only has eyes for Her Emperor

As She is seated upon Her own throne

Silent before them

They beg desperately that She does not speak also

For She will not speak what is not true

And the Liars fear this more than their own deaths

Better the Emperor and His wrath than the Empress and Her Truth

They tremble as they drop their robes and the rings and the trinkets and all the things they stole from the Kingdom

They walk away naked, leaving voluntarily with nothing from the kingdom at all, not even a slice of bread

They walk away backwards bowing as they go

Begging for mercy

Begging The Empress not to speak or reveal the truth to the Kingdom.

Truth can destroy the power of Liars forever

Better they have the loss of their desires than the destruction of their ‘Good’ image

Only fools try to take from the Monarchs chosen by God

Because They love Him and honour His code

Those who steal from them also steal from Him

They incur His wrath the most

The Empress watches The Emperor cleanse the Kingdom as He stands revealing His true might

The Liars run away like rats that seek dark holes and burrows to protect themselves from their impending doom

The Empress smiles

Time reveals all truth whether she speaks or not.

She understands where true power lies

She looks at Her husband

Her face softens as she looks at Him in His glory and His might

She speaks her truth to Him always, because Truth and Love can never be separated

He does not fear Her at all, because He welcomes Her Love with gratitude and understanding.

The Pair rule together bringing harmony, balance and prosperity in everything they do and to everything they touch.

The Confidence

I am smiling

Right now

This instance!

I cannot help it

It is to become my entire existence

My future…..smiling

Awaking with happiness instead of despair

(Work to remove shadows will always be, but that is easing)

It is getting easier and easier

The downward spiral of doubt




No longer has a majority vote

The tears are for sorrow and empathy for the self now

You did it!!

I did it!!

I made it.

Against all of the odds

I am winning

What a foreign experience… a strange experience

As I look around readying myself

Digging my feet in

Awaiting attack at any moment

But there is only silence

I listen to that silence


“Huh? this is new.” I think to myself

There are no balloons

There is no cheering or clinking of glasses in celebratory fashion

No dressing up or speeches made

But the silence speaks to me as a deafening roaring thunderous adulation

There is no one left to oppose me

At last I can cheer

Even if it’s only for myself

By myself

I am loud inside

I didn’t perceive my own strength or even the battle

Until the silence

Suddenly my existence is not being extinguished

The fire can roar…as it should

It is warming the damp cold house

It is bringing light to windows

Delightful foods can be cooked over it- anything she desires

The battle revealed her strength and her stamina

The guns and the cannons are no longer firing

The enemy has given up as a hopeless and fruitless battle…they will try elsewhere against weaker countries

They will never try again here though, they know better.

So what to do once she is fed?

She looks out the window at the unplowed fields

The neglected harvests

Some things can be salvaged

But in comparison to the battles just waged….farming and investing into the land is a simple almost menial task….but a task that is also delightful.

It is a calming, joyful thing to delight in the rewards of your own labour.

And so she smiles again

Imagining the future

Delighting in the present

Treasuring every mouthful, it’s simplicity and the silence

The Unveiled Bride

Experiences do not tell us WHO we are

People do not tell us WHO we are

Things do not tell us WHO we are

My peace cannot be dictated by anything

My peace cannot be dictated by anyone

Watch me rise

I am standing here today,

In this space

On this ground

While you run behind me

While you gather forces against me

As you stare at me in fury

That is ok

I’m ok to observe you in your fury

Because …..I am ok (she says it almost in a whisper…because she has never said it before).

But this makes you even more furious

How strange (she thinks to herself)

But how interesting (she observes to herself)

When you find peace for yourself and therefore happiness

How it brings forth rage and fierce determination in others to destroy it

Somehow your balance tips the scales for others

It drives them mad

They want you to remain mad and in despair and longing

Because it brings them …..happiness…? (Huh? she thinks to herself)

But maybe yes.

Your despair brings contentment and peace to those who wish ill of you

But to those who find their happiness and peace, despite this….

They unwittingly, heighten the unhappiness, despair and longing in those who wish you ill.

I have overcome my fear of you today

I have overcome my fear of losing you and being alone

I have overcome my desperate hope for your love

Because, I no longer fear myself

I no longer fear loss…of any kind…

Every loss is actually gain

So let them dance furiously around me

I am the maypole, that you dance around elaborately

As you wish me harm

But I thank you!

I deeply and profoundly thank you

For you are adorning me and making me beautiful

My heart is filled with gratitude for you

Deep and profound gratitude

I never knew my strength

I never saw my beauty

But today, I feel like a bride who wears no veil because she knows she is beautiful

She wants to show everybody

There is nothing to hide

Why do we have beauty, if it is not to be seen.

I will run through a field of flowers with the sun, the sky in a wedding dress with my hair flying free

I am like a bird in the air

Tumbling in delight at the freedom of flight.

I can sing, I can dance, I can laugh, I can fly

As I stand as a maypole


Run freely like a an unveiled bride in a field of flowers

My sincere and profound gratitude

I give to you.

The Light

Inspired by Maya Angelou

It’s with gratitude that I see me now

I can paint the stars

I can write the not so poisonous truth

I can speak me…not so simply

But oh so correctly.

I see her risen



A shining star


“yeeeehhhhs” I breath out with admiration and relief

She spoke fearlessly!

Contempt only for those who speak against her happiness

Her essence

Contempt but light hearted… it is in the spirit of, ‘They are, oh so wrong about me”

It is strength and confidence

And deep, deep knowing

Knowing who one is

Speaking without doubt

Shadows followed her everywhere….it did not matter

She could not be stopped

And those that tried

In the end were shattered by her light


History would bring them to shame, it always does

As does anyone who represses the light.

Her lesson brought me to tears

My history shall be my internal shame

Because I have been silent for too long

The shadows I let overgrow

I know that today

Silence shall not remain

The shadows shall be stripped for they must run….

They must always run!

For the light has no shadow.

So light I shall be.

Thank you, Maya Angelou

The Expectation

When making wishes and requests,

The heavens are willing to deliver them to you immediately.

However, they expect also.

Remember that everyone can receive anything they request

With one exception…

Free will also remains

If you desire a loving and happy community and loving happy connections

But you are surrounded by an unhappy community and unhappy connections

They cannot give you what you desire.

They will expect you to remove what does not align with you and your requests

They will help you by bringing those blocks to light.

The community will become more unhappy and the unhappy connections more unhappy

They ask you to see that you must act upon your unhappiness and remove what makes you unhappy

They ask you to be in a position to receive

All wishes are granted

But the preparation through removal of anything that does not align

Must be achieved.