I am your sloppy doe eyed puppy

Making everybody cringe

I am howling when you are not near

Listless and waiting by the door

Proudly walking beside you

Skipping with excitement every time you return

Let me jump into your arms

And kiss your face

I am yours

Simply say the words

And I will recklessly abandon and ignore

Any other who calls my name


Pain compels

Driving actions

Whipping wild horses to corals that bind and bring untimely death

Blockages cause arrhythmia’s and disease

They scream off the monitors to Professionals and their clientele




We are all deaf.

Psychopathic to our own bodies and emotions

We resolve to ignore ourselves further

…because we don’t believe

Our idealism killing our own existence

How can we hear each other when we ignore the true self?

I shake my head at my own ignorance and beg for forgiveness of my own Soul

I am sorry


I am listening.


Understanding declares itself

A horn shatters the darkness

Silencing the creatures of the night

Everything pauses to listen and check itself

Is it safe?

Is it near?

Father time unfolds himself

As he awakens from the deep

Blowing the horn

It is now!!

His form blocking the stars

A giant

He stands sure of himself

Knowing his path

He announces the end and the beginning

The creatures take a seat

Readying themselves for the coming

The change is upon them

They know

Their pulses beat excitedly

As the new moon rises

Hairs bristle

The jumpers leap

and those that can dance do

The earth knows

Fulfilment is now.

The Races

Running full pelter

Hot blooded

Hot winded

Glistening wet

Shiny as new dollars

Worth every penny

Going the full distance

Bloodied breathing

I’d wager upon it

Coming full circle

Electric flashes upon grassy’d meadows

By perfectly trimmed and iron clad heavy weights

Not yet wearied

Onlookers stare screaming

Drunken on thrills

Staring down the barrel

As their glistening victors

Lay dead upon the finish line


Fuck my brain and all things in it

I’ve never felt so vapid, insipid.

Every muscle is roughened and taught

Creaking like ropes against a cliff face

Meter upon meter great weights are held upon it

Burring and fraying each fibre unfurling

As the anchors are pulling

“Someone please thrash it!”

Hack at it!

Cut it!

Seperate me from it

So I can float like a feather

On the wind and the weather.

The Future

Fountains of pleasure and bubbles keep rising

I am restless

My feet are itching

There’s no escaping-i’m not even looking

The future looms closer

I see it coming

Excitement and fanfare

I can’t wait

I’m just brimming

Watch out city people

Krista is coming.