Living the high life and drowning in luxuries

Adornments, that crown the ego

When living in high towers with expansive views, make us feel powerful and above …because you are…above?

When coming down into the masses feels dirty and offensive

Do you remember once upon a time, when you felt excitement at the thought of opportunity and the idea of living above?

When creativity was tantamount and necessary to achieve success

Do you remember that feeling?

Or do you now feel suffocated and fearful about the descent

Because once you wanted to rise so you would be seen and admired

Beware friends

That rising is a wonderful and joyous and exciting experience a good and wonderful thing

But the desire for admiration and being seen can also catch you in nooses and traps that leave you hanging from the towers, that you once so desperately desired and now you cling to.

Our desires are the sign posts that tell us where our path shall lead us.

The time to observe is now.

2 thoughts on “Towers

    1. I had a little epiphany this week- nothing is worth pursuing …if it isn’t personal. It’s one of my new little life hacks. By pursuing what is meaningful to you, you can literally watch your happiness unfold before your eye’s………..mic drop.


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