The Vision, The House

The house is rammed earth

It has has large tinted windows

The colours are earth, sand and charcoal coloured steel and natural wood

The colours produce a sense of calm and connection to the Earth.

The house honours the Earth and leaves no scars upon it

There are two wings to the house

There are six bedrooms

Four bedrooms for the children

A long wing with a single bathroom lies between them

Friends come to stay regularly

And the abandoned children also find rest, hope, and stability, even if it’s for a short time

Patience, generosity and love are taught, sleep and rest is finally found for them there

The children’s wing is joined to a large lounge and formal dinning area

This is where Christmas and celebrations are held

A place where the fire crackles and slumber parties, movie nights and forts from pillows and sheets are made. Creative play and expression are made in this space. Sometimes it can be used for quiet introspection, looking out the windows in the mornings with coffee and quiet cuddles by the little early risers.

The second wing holds the adult guest room, the kitchen, laundry and informal dinning space, where most of the time is spent. It is the hub. The master suite is off to the side of this

The kitchen is made for events, and the pantries are full of health, and quality, jams, preserves of all kinds produced from the large gardens on the grounds.

The kitchen is a place of bonding and working together. Children spend time next to Mother and Father, learning to cook, and spending time together, there is room for everyone there, Mother and Father steal sneaky kisses there. Another place of creativity and warmth. Each space in this house, holds purpose and is made to encourage unity, creativity, fun and warmth.

The grounds of the house are set gently into the landscape, the smell of the sea is not too far. Pets are always near, and the wounded animals also find healing here. They come and are taught that love does exist and trust restored. The abandoned children and the wounded animals find themselves again here.

This house is where friends come. It is the place of unity, celebration, and joy. There is no question to anyone that this is the place to meet.

Large dinner parties with children running in the garden and playing in the pool, helping in Mothers garden, smelling the earth and collecting eggs and garden produce. Cooking, loving, playing.

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