I carry your words with me forever

Locked into my heart

Seared into it

As I saw you open the lid of yours

For the first time

……the last time

I could not help myself but inhale the essence of it deeply, ravenously

It is a scent I will never forget

It is a light so soft and gentle and true

If I could bathe in it

I would bathe in it forever

Bare skinned

Naked so I could feel it everywhere on me

I am greedy for it

Insatiable and thirsty for it

But I thank my stars and all of the heavenly hosts

That they allowed me to see it even once

To hear it’s perfection and to have my own heart attempt to escape it’s cage to join it forever

I will hold that moment as a treasure

The one thing that filled me to overflowing like none has ever done before

Say the word, and I will give you the key to unlock the cages that hold mine.

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