Discovering the Self

I have removed all shame

I was surprised by all the good things I could see


I am a Venus

I am sensual

Someone who understands their power and their destiny

My body

My presence

My voice

I am beauty

And I command attention

I step forward without remorse

Without apology

I step into my pleasure

As I quench my own desires (because they are good desires)

With control and fierce independence

I am in total command of myself




I am power and truth

Obstacles drive me onwards, towards strength and deeper understanding

As those who wish to destroy, use or harm me, are cut out eternally from my path

They may stand against me, but they shall not stand for long

As I stand in my power

As I judge correctly

I increase

I strengthen

I will always rise from those who cannot stand me being this

I will always discover those who hold no conviction about their own beauty or power

I warn them now

(Speak this out loud)

“If you watch me with desire to harm or even hold hateful thought towards me… I will quietly but consistently overcome you. I am a gently rising tsunami that will surpass you and that you will never see coming. Watch me as I rise.”

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