Queen of my domain

I am top of the world

As far as  I’m concerned

And never you mind

Co’s i’m doing just fine

I will not hustle or bustle

Mine is to be still

I am best as I am


Strong as a man

Maybe YOU should pray

Tell the guards to go away

Leave me still and

And let me be

And I will be exactly what I should be

I can glory in my art

Like it or not

I am sent to sense you

And make you my art

Like it or not

The nine to five is a killer

It KILLS me!

I am ruined should I make it as you would have me

I’m not sorry

I will not tarry

I’ve been baited

I’ve waited

But all that is done.

Mine is for living


And sensing

I will  die when I’m complete

Fulfilling a legacy

……The shovel goes deep.

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