Why I Love You.

You walk a line that nobody else does

You see what others cannot

Your perception and attraction to truth

Emboldens you

Ignoring fear

But feeling it none the less

Bravery and compassion in the moments that really count

As playful as a puppy

(I hope this never changes)

Embracing the ridiculous

You throw off inhibitions

And dance in the street

High on life and living in the moment

Intelligence and wit

Combined with vulnerability,

They smash together creating explosions of sensitivity and passion

Everything you apply is done fast and furious

Fuelling my passions

You are my muse

You calculate while I philosophy

You feel everything

And understand easily

You cannot be swayed easily

Yet you know when to humbly concede wrongs

The perfect mixture of pride and humility

Why do I love you?

How can a woman stand against you?

You smash my barriers

Despite my resistance

A crumbling sappy mess

You are the form of my dreams and the prescription from the universe

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