Natures Caress

My skin gently tests the breeze

It is the perfect ambient temperature

I feel as if I could be one with it

I see myself in my minds eye

I am the breeze.

Floating over the back fence

Dreamily caressing the earth

Making a flower bob its head

It smiles at me

I smile back

Kissing its sunny bouncing face

I stretch my hands wide over the grass

Creating gentle rolling waves

Breathing in

I taste sweetness

Is this what the sun tastes like?

Dewy and light



Nature is under its spell

Everywhere, every creature

Takes in this moment


Like a baby after feeding

All sit gently

Quietly soaking in the moment

No cold shocks

Or stressing heat


All meditate on it

Knowing it is fleeting

I too work my way to the garden

Drawn to nature

And its hypnotic call

I lie myself into the grass

Embracing natures caress

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