Do you know?

Can you see who you are?

Let me tell you what I see.

I see a white circle that sits like a sun within your heart space.

It is living.

It is so pure that nothing else can reside in it that is not.

It is pure white and absolutely radiant

I can not take my eyes off it

It creates a ball of emotion than comes over me every time I think of it.

It wells up painfully, because when you see purity and innocence it cannot help but make you smile.

But it is painful because you don’t seem to see it.

I fear for you.

I fear that the evil that is around you has blinded you to who you really are.

Radiance, purity, honesty and sweetness washes over everybody you meet.

And you have no idea.

But I do.

Every time you speak.

Every time you laugh.

Every time…..everything..

White radiant pure light bubbles out of your eyes and your mouth when you smile and you laugh.

The darkness is around you. It is not in you.

You are light.

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