Listening And The Joy Of The Universe

I wrote earlier about towers and appreciating these powerful destructive situations and the crazy new paths that open up to us when they occur. We are forced to walk down these paths by Spirit ultimately for our highest good.

We do not take these paths because we want to.

We feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful at the thought of them.

We don’t like them because we can not see round the corner, and the pain of that is immense!

But the Universe sends us these situations to show us who we really are.

We are the fool standing on the precipice

We are at our most fearful when we look over the edge that we refuse to leap from.

So the universe sends us angels that poke us with fiery blades that force us to jump, because there is no where else to go.

But once we jump, we are able to discover the abilities, power and the gifts that we have. We are forced to use our wings…the ones we didn’t know we had.

Suddenly we are enjoying the descent.

As we look back at the cliff, we see those angry angels (who we feared so much) smiling and waving, cheering and laughing at our surprise and at our joy for the discoveries we are making at who we truly are.

Friends I can’t see around the corner…..but I am listening….Universe I hear you!

I’m kinda excited….smiley face…surrender is essential.

Purging is necessary.

Sometimes being thrown in the deep end, is the greatest way of showing ourselves who we really are and what we are really made of.

Thank you cheeky Universe for your fiery blades and the lightening that strikes our little fortresses.

You are right,

It is better on the other side.

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