You can’t see what I see

Nor I feel what you feel

Me a melancholy

You a mystifying madness

You climb to the top and leap over mountains

Radically bounding and moving



Always moving through space and time

Shifting and changing

Clawing and grappling

Shaking and rapid

Eating and eating

Always seeking and stimming

You chant




Your force fierce and fantastic

Your schemes grandiose.

You can’t see what I see

Nor feel

Nor touch

Nor hear

Your works are motion and chaos

I do what I must

I will to do what I should

Whilst you thrust yourself ahead

Forward always forward


It must be so

If I were to hold you to myself and warm you to myself

Your heart would be stilled

Your eyes would close

You would dream deep dreams

Your lids weighed heavy with idea’s, will close eternally to dream of your truth

Your being

I will myself

To stay myself

To Master myself

While you be who you will

While you be who you must




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