The Wind and the Chaff Part 1

No trumpets were blown this day….

The ladies of the house whispered excitedly to each other

The house maidens slowed their work pretending to be busy polishing the already gleaming silver

They set themselves diligently to sweep the already spotless floors with a quietness that betrayed their normal character

Extra care was taken to clean the corners that would normally be ignored

Even the mice sat quietly by their peep holes

With trembling noses and whiskers

The air was full of slander

Sly eyes wickedly shared knowing glances

The wicked could feel victory in the air

The moment had presented itself perfectly

It was as if lady luck had finally shone upon them

Evil excitement brought a skip to their step

The schemers who didn’t know they shared grievances

Saw connections between each other and bonded immediately

Callous laughter rang too loudly

Carrying spite into the air

Overconfident, sharp and sneering

It skipped through gardens and stables

It bounced through courtyards and hallways

Jealousy had found it’s confidence at last

It always delighted in the pain of others

And hated others to delight

Today Jealousy began to reveal itself


Many courtiers and the fine people in society , with whom held rank

Smiled toothless smiles that hid venomous teeth

They opened their arms to the Prince

Wined him and Dined him

They hid their scaly skins beneath lush rich cloaks

He therefore bestowed his love

His trust

His loyalty and his abundance upon them

But they had no love for Him

Their intent was to fill their own coffers

Eat from his table

Drink his wine

And enjoy his abundance

They gently curled themselves around him

Making him feel warm and protected

But they secretly relied on his youth, his fervour and his innocence to trick, confuse and suppress

They were snakily using his talents to their advantage

They saw him clearly as prey

Feigning protection

As they devoured the abundance he brought to their gaping mouths

He was the bait for their own terrible traps

And they gorged themselves on what he brought to them

They relied on his innocence and his desire to be loved

Using it as a weapon against him

They used their false care and their false offer of love and guidance as bait to keep him loyal and near.

They also used themselves as bait, enticing him with treats and a little bit of what he wanted and needed but careful never to leave him fulfilled. He was always left just a little unsatisfied and a little bit lacking. It made him want more, always needing more.

He was blinded by their warmth and the excitement he felt when he was with them

Trusting them as genuine

They made themselves appear sincere (Few could perceive otherwise such was their ability to hide their true skins, this was indeed a different type of magic that they possessed..a dark magic)

He didn’t see the threats that were all around him nor the coils that threatened and slowly tightened

They saw his power and the magic he held

They knew they had to keep him carefully controlled or else he would learn who he was.

They whispered love and nuture in his ear

But spat curses under their breath

Snarling and breathing fire from their bellies

Wishing for his death and praying for his downfall.

But the Prince had wisdom and magic that was being awoken from within him

He had Magic that was his destiny

And the Kingdom was his birthright

Today, the release of sensitive information about the Prince was released

It was deliberate and scandalous how it was slipped to select people whom spread this information to every corner of the Kingdom

His destruction was desired

His connections and his power and his magic envied

The false people saw he was growing and gaining in everything

His light shone upon them

But it had revealed their shadows and their ugliness

They were reminded of the their scaley skins

And they had suddenly discovered everything they didn’t have

They also became aware of all the things they couldn’t do, and all the things they didn’t know

They felt his magic, that he innocently waved in their faces hoping they would be as happy for him as he was happy for himself.

But it had angered those that surrounded him

They felt their lack of Magic and their lack of inheritance.

It didn’t seem fair to them that one person could have so much talent

So much charm

So much elegance

So much happiness

So much Magic

And still be kind and good and generous

He also carried a lightness and innocence that they could not share in

They felt themselves drawn to him

Like a moth to a flame

They felt the sting of him as they burned themselves up every time he passed by

Yet they could not pull themselves away

They found themselves emulating him

Speaking like him

Mimicking his every move

They became shadows of the Prince

They felt it when he left them

They felt their blood turn cold again

They felt the emptiness that sat in their stomaches

It slowly dawned upon them their own limitations and the Magic they had seemed simple and basic

They knew they were not even a tenth of what he was.

As they lay in their beds at night

They found they could not sleep or rest

His light shone even in their dreams

They realised they couldn’t come up with the idea’s he had

They couldn’t find the wit he had

or the courage

The conviction or the luck or the passion

They questioned in their hearts how he managed to make everything look so easy

Behind closed doors they paced and examined His every move

He could open doors that no one else could

He created alliances with neighbouring countries that brought wealth and vast abundance

He could tame wild beasts

And even bring the rain to barren places

And they were able to reap also from this abundance

But the more abundance he created

The greater the pacing and restlessness and disturbance grew within the hearts of those he entrusted

As time past, their initial admiration became envy

They wished to see some kind of wrong with the Prince

The greater he became the worse they felt

The more he received

The more they felt they deserved….and the more they felt he did not.

Rage began to build in them

It became harder and harder to hide their snapping teeth and their ugliness

Their energy became more and more drained

Which made them even more and more angry

and so soon they began to test him

They set small traps at first

To see what he would do

And he overcame each time

Then they tested his magic

And he overcame

Surely they thought to themselves, there are lies and crimes that are hidden, surely it is deviousness and not magic at all.

And so the challenge was set

The Prince was given tasks and tests and games that He worked diligently through

He also found the magic he had although it still worked seemed to be weakened

He noticed he was becoming tired and the work was becoming harder

His friends supported him though

So he worked even harder

…..but so did his ‘friends’

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