The Laughter

This is for those specifically on the Twin Flame Journey- It is prophetic. For those in the know, you will know. Consider it advice on what to do, the time will come. It is specific guidance. Remember boundaries are important and a loving act firstly towards yourself and also to others. There are other messages that I have already written talking about boundaries and how to behave so that you are acting with honour. Pray for your eye to be drawn to those posts. Let me encourage you not to give into revenge, vengeance or rage or anger. Always act in Love with good intention, with hope to heal, release what is not good for you whilst leaving your conscience clean. How you behave in a crises speaks volumes to those around you. Despite their wrong actions towards you, in the end they will respect you- despite themselves. Divine guidance is there for you, learn the lesson that problems and crises bring you. Act honourably no matter what. Grieve and feel later- nothing you feel is wrong. But act honourably until it is safe for you to do so.

It starts with a little giggle and a smile

It is spreading though..

Her mouth is open in delight!

Smiling delight


How foolish.” The Empress thought to Herself

Did the liars believe their own lies?

There is a gentle benevolent Monarch who is seated, even lounging upon the throne.


Delighting in His Kingdom

Smiling in the sunshine

Walking in the plowed feilds

Sometimes, He even throws off His robes to help the simple farmers working hard.

Their hard work is benefit to all. The Emperor Understands this well.

He extends His hand to help out of gratitude and understanding, that those who appear lowly are the backbone of the kingdom

His desire is to be fair

To protect

To aid

To raise them up and to extinguish any poverty in his kingdom, because any poverty in his Kingdom, He considers shame to himself

But to the courtiers and his direct assistants, who live in His palace in glory, in rich robes and grand adornments

He gives the same, but he also expects the same in return.

He expects a return on His investments

He shakes their hands

He gives them what they require for their status

But there has been deceit

The poor have given more than they needed

But the rich have taken more than they needed, in fact

Gorged themselves inappropriately

The Empress saw their extravagances

She watched the Emperor, Whispered little things to him

He was more benevolent than Her

She would have removed them off the grounds of the Kingdom as enemies immediately

But She knew that the enemies would hang themselves in the long run

She had little to do

And She knew Her Husband well

She knew who He was

She knew his kindness and his generosity

She loved that very thing

It was what made him a great and powerful leader

To lead in love, generosity and enjoyment of those in His employ

It truly made Him great in Her eyes

She gave Him Her voice and Her wisdom and let Him be.

She knew that beneath the charming benevolence

Lay a powerful, snarling Lion

He could sweep out the abusers with a single shake of His mane

The fools were those who thought He would never rise

The fools were those who did not pay their dues

They did not think He would call them on their debt

But, He had let them take their fill

Not out of ignorance

But rather out of hope, that their taking was going to result in great return

It was in fact an expectation

He expected that those in high positions knew that higher things were demanded

More was required from them, therefore more was required for them

He appreciated that great responsibility came at great cost

And so He allowed them to take their fill

But the fools, took and took and took

They took a lot.

So the debt was great

As was the expectation…little did they realise

They were stringing themselves up

They were hanging themselves by their own debts

Their debts, were the evidence that was required and when The Emperor revealed He knew

The fools could not argue

They could not speak or manipulate or trick Him

And they shook

They saw Him with teeth bared

With His claws out

They heard His roar and trembled at His might

Their underestimation of Him was great

Because the Liars, lied to themselves the most

The Empress smiles and laughs inwardly to Herself , at their simplicity

Their foolishness

As She sits proudly by His side

Equal in Her ferocity

But She barely blinks an eye in their direction

She only has eyes for Her Emperor

As She is seated upon Her own throne

Silent before them

They beg desperately that She does not speak also

For She will not speak what is not true

And the Liars fear this more than their own deaths

Better the Emperor and His wrath than the Empress and Her Truth

They tremble as they drop their robes and the rings and the trinkets and all the things they stole from the Kingdom

They walk away naked, leaving voluntarily with nothing from the kingdom at all, not even a slice of bread

They walk away backwards bowing as they go

Begging for mercy

Begging The Empress not to speak or reveal the truth to the Kingdom.

Truth can destroy the power of Liars forever

Better they have the loss of their desires than the destruction of their ‘Good’ image

Only fools try to take from the Monarchs chosen by God

Because They love Him and honour His code

Those who steal from them also steal from Him

They incur His wrath the most

The Empress watches The Emperor cleanse the Kingdom as He stands revealing His true might

The Liars run away like rats that seek dark holes and burrows to protect themselves from their impending doom

The Empress smiles

Time reveals all truth whether she speaks or not.

She understands where true power lies

She looks at Her husband

Her face softens as she looks at Him in His glory and His might

She speaks her truth to Him always, because Truth and Love can never be separated

He does not fear Her at all, because He welcomes Her Love with gratitude and understanding.

The Pair rule together bringing harmony, balance and prosperity in everything they do and to everything they touch.

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