A Manifestation Prayer ….For Me

.…..and you also wink wink

I learned that I had to pray for myself today. I’ve never actually done that…..So this is what I’ve decided to pray for…..because I matter too

I pray for myself as a request with pure intention and desire to receive good things for myself and therefore also, in extension to others.

Divine Creator and all who exist in the Spiritual realm, who watch over me with love and care for my highest good and well being.

I pray for the increase of my happiness

I pray for the increase of my creativity

I pray for the increase of my joy

I pray for peace within myself and all that surrounds me

I pray for financial security and abundance for myself

I pray for my physical and mental health, to feel well, to feel strong and to feel energised and focused.

I pray for my empowerment, to confidently take action towards my goals, my well being and my own success and happiness, in the knowledge that I am worthy and deserving of every blessing that is available.

I pray for a circle of friends that are loving, genuine, generous, honest, caring, kind and supportive of my individuality, I welcome them into my heart and my home.

I pray for a true love, a soul mate connection to share this life’s journey with. I pray that it is a positive loving connection with a partner who values loyalty. Who is loving, lusty, sexy and generous towards me and also towards themselves. A partner who values honesty and truth. Who craves the genuine from within themselves . Happiness , playfulness, joy, laughter, love and peace is a co-creative activity between us. I pray for a union with a soulmate who has good intention for themselves, their own growth and their own happiness, but also has commitment to the growth of us as a divine union and as a soul family unit.

I pray for protection for myself from falseness, despair, hopelessness, depression, and anything that blocks me from feeling positive, creative, motivated and happy.

I pray for all people, spirits and energies or places that cause me pain, disturbance, blocks or trouble, that they are either removed from me or that I am removed from these people, energies, spirits or places.

Thank you for what you are teaching me in hardship and the good times.

I love you and I accept that you love me and I ask that you open my heart to receive the blessings you desire for me.

Thank you.

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