Balancing the Scales

True love exists when seeing the true nature of an individual fills you with absolute joy

When it pains you to see their suffering but you allow them to go through it, because you believe in their rights to grow and learn on their own terms.

You allow them to choose their own path every single time without intervention

You are the balm of many many people

It is time for you to become the balm for yourself

You can only blame yourself for accepting less and the pain it brings

The takers will keep taking and give nothing, but never feel satisfied

The givers will continue to give and receive nothing, and never feel satisfied

“I can see my role in it.

But Spirit, how do I balance it?

How do I learn to take what is rightfully mine, and give with wisdom and discernment?”


By understanding ownership.

The narcissist believes they are owed everything, that they have a right to everything. They justify stealing this way

When a taker tries to take from someone who knows and firmly believes in what is rightfully theirs

War quickly ensues

But it also quickly subsides, as the taker (although confused at first) is forced to accept it as a loss…despite the fact it is actually properly balanced and fair.

Givers must learn to take and accept abundnace and hold onto it.

Takers must learn to give and accept loss and to learn generosity

Both are equally responsible for the imbalances created and the suffering that ensues from these imbalances.”

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