The Killer Whales and the Little Black Dog (A Dream)

I dreamed about the beach

The sand was golden yellow

The water was crystal clear, smooth and aqua blue

The water was deep and the sand bank dropped suddenly and sharply into it

It was sunny and warm on the beach, but there was an ominous energy building over the water

I remember looking up as my children jumped into the water

I observed that the ocean was very open

I looked down into the crystal clear water but I could only see so far

The reflection from the sky made it difficult to see too far from the bank

My eldest swam further out whilst the smaller ones stayed closer

Not too far out in the ocean, I saw movement, I saw black fins and three ripples in the water

A short distance from my eldest child

I called him back and as he swam towards me I saw the three ripples move into a triangular shape pointing in his direction

I pulled the two smaller children back onto the beach, they ran back to their towels and continued to play safely on the warm sand- unaware of any danger, I did not show them any signs of concern.

I felt no fear for my eldest, although he did not see what was moving towards him

He took my hand as he accepted my help out of the water, he was smiling and happy, but beneath him as I was pulling him out, I could see a Killer Whale

It was looking up at both of us.we locked eyes. Neither of us backed away. There was an understanding between us. I could feel a mutual respect granted. I had no fear, despite the threat.

I felt calm, sure and safe.

No one else was going in the water.

People were happy to lie on their towels on the golden beach in the warm sun.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a fast black streak run to the waters edge, the Killer Whale saw it too and reacted immediatly

In a flash I saw that there were two other Killer whales with the first.

They stayed side by side along the beach edge. The largest one closest to the beach, leading them as a pack

The middle supported the larger one, almost equally but remaining respectful of the leader, almost head to head with it and the smallest remained almost completely hidden, but it was there, ready to cut off any escapees. It was the smallest but the fastest. It was also there to support the other two, but it knew it had to remain hidden and stealthy behind the other two.

But I could see them all.

The largest one knew this. But it also knew that whilst it was in the water and I stayed on the beach, that we were at an impasse.

So it waited for anything that might fall into the water.

The black streak I saw, was a cute, smiling toy poodle, black all over, with a medium length curly coat. He was so fast! He ran full speed to the waters edge, barking in delight. The three Killer Whales locked onto him as a target. They moved as one. The little black poodle thought it was great fun! He actually ran beside them in a race, almost like he was in a field chasing cars along the roadside.

He stopped for a second, barking and panting with his little red tongue out, a goofy smile on his face.

The Lead Killer Whale stopped also, resting it’s tail and it’s head upon the beach, with it’s mouth open. I could see it’s pink tongue, it almost looked goofy and fun as well. I walked over to it, I didn’t believe it was comfortable or having a good time. Despite how cute and comfortable it appeared, I knew it was not. It was unnatural for it to perform that way, I saw deceptive play at hand.

I walked over to it. I felt a powerful urge to kick it’s body as hard as I could. I wanted to so badly. I wanted to kick it with all of my strength. I could feel a growing rage in myself.

But I saw in my minds eye, that if I allowed myself to satisfy my rage, that I would wound it severely, even mortally.

I stopped myself despite how close I was. Knowing that it wasn’t right to do so.

I saw the little dog sitting facing the mouth of the whale, his little tongue out and smiling. He raised his little paw and was about to place his paw on the tongue of the Whale, in sign of friendship.

I immediately called the dog over, “COME!” I said in my fiercest voice

It pulled back surprised

The Killer Whale rolled back into the water

I knew the entire time that the Whale had never taken it’s eyes off me.

The Killer Whale looked at me angrily for a second, then took off speedily down the beach, the others by its side.

The little black poodle was so full of energy that it had already run as fast as it could down the other end of the beach, no idea how close it had come to it’s end.

The three whales took off after it immediately

Leaving me behind

I watched from the distance for a short moment before I turned away

There was no way I could keep up with the little black dog, I turned back to the beach to focus on what I needed to do.

I knew there was nothing further I could do for the little black poodle. I hoped it would tire itself out and return to it’s owner eventually. Whoever that may be.

2 thoughts on “The Killer Whales and the Little Black Dog (A Dream)

  1. You’re the pup! Curious and innocent, wondering what is over the horizon!. No owner. Self love, good morals and protection For the ones you hold closest. But that’s just an opinion from someone who doesn’t matter.


    1. I fully agree with you. There are many things I was not meant to understand at the time of writing them. Thank you for seeing me this way…it’s true.

      I have a bold question for you….
      What is easier…giving love or receiving love?
      and why?

      A rhetorical question really…


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