New Years Eve 2018

Zeus speaks this year, “I will celebrate the turn of the year by  lighting up the sky with my own works.I shall remind humanity about their frailty and simplicity.”

I feel the hairs rise upon my neck

As static as the sky

As hot as the earth

As cold as the wind

Mans fireworks pale

My life I consider at risk

I ponder my death

But my house is a mess

…..not tonight Zeus

Bats scream in the air as their desperation to feed is mixed with terror by the forces that surround them

Is it war??

Bats appear like bombers in the sky

Backlit by lightening that causes them to scream in terror … or excitement?

Vampires also spring to mind

But even they wouldn’t risk the sky tonight


I await to hear festive fireworks from the little town

But they have been cancelled tonight

A couple of illegal crackers are heard

The authorities refuse to light their own

They smell litigation in the air


Zeus it is your stage tonight.

You are The Spectacle!

….Are you dancing or mad?

People fake normality,  they place their lives into the hands of the gods as they try to go about their way, pretending not to be afraid.


Come the New Year

I bid you welcome

As Hope springs eternal for Love, Health and Possibilities.






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