The Words

In the beginning…

The word…..


Words need only be breathed out barely touching the tongue

Softly spoken, gently delivered

They carry your intentions and the power of the negative or the positive

Sometimes they appear prophetic when others see them come to completion

But in fact it is co-creation and manifestation

Sometimes those manifestations are delayed.

All co-creation with Spirit is granted



Good and bad

As you breathe out your wishes and speak them clearly

All comes to life

It is the butterfly effect

The storms occur from wishes and desires that we pray for (whether we understand or not)

They come to help us remove what does not align with out wishes

They always bring transformation

And they often rock you when you are not prepared to receive them

So Spirit warns

All things come to life

Speak carefully

Speak with understanding and intention

Speak with awareness of karmic scales

Hope for good things

Hope and wish for healing upon yourself and everybody else

Be ready with expectation confidence and happiness

Be ready to release everything that does not align.

Be ready to release everything that does not align with your wishes

Be ready.

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