War raps impatiently at the gate



“Give me more!”


They gift bombs and rockets and jets

Scattering sheep


They desire yours for themselves

Aggressive and tactical

They threaten to bury you


They tell you

“You are trouble!!”


As THEIR tanks sit by YOUR land

Scaring the lambs


But you know your country


You know the ground

Every hill

And every sound


This is your country


Though armies and tanks come

You will not run


Aloft in tall towers

You watch them come


Nothing need be done

The throne is guarded


But the gates are down..


The knights are ready

The armies sound


You nod to the sentry

A single knight leaves the entry


Riding to the front



Humility and strength his only arms


The rifles are cocked and the tanks in place

Every gun aimed at one solitary space


“I challenge your leader”

He quietly asserts


Gun fire fills the air

Smoke insults and threats beware


The knight sits aloft his stable steed


Not a graze

Not a bullet

Not a hole in a sleeve


He waits


Silence creeps

Tension peaks


“I challenge your Leader”

He quietly asserts



Not a peep


A smile turns the corner of his lip


He knows it is bluff

Kids stuff


No further words are said


He turns his back to the enemy



Lopes back to the entry


This is his country

He knows the ground

Every hill

Every sound



‘Don’’t let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.’


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